Long-term rental

From B2B and B2C to 1to1: How the commercial policies change

The “dogma” that we learned at the university, during the masters, and then in the working life, that is from a business point of view the private client and the client company were different, is no longer true. The competitive element among the supplying companies, the amount of information that the customer receives (whether it is a company or a consumer) has overthrown many of the assumptions...

Spare parts bought online, the end of the workshops?

spare parts
In many years who sells new cars can sustain especially with several collateral activities, which in the end, analysing the balance sheets, are not at all collateral. Warehouse, Workshop, Bodywork, Financial Services and Insurance represent much more than “forced activities” to have a mandate. The quickest to look around have turned their company into a multitude of activities on their...

Interview with Paolo Gagliardo, Head of Brand Lancia/Chrysler for EMEA – 1^st part

Interview Date: January 4, 2013 Professional Profile: Paolo Gagliardo, after an MBA at Columbia Business School in New York, has built great part of its career in the Automotive industry. He has worked in Ford Motor Company and FIAT in various Marketing, Sales and Product assignments in the UK, US and Italy. He has also worked in the Italian Railroad Company, as Chief Marketing Officer and Piaggio...

Where shall we go?

I belong to a relatively new generation, too much committed to principles and values typical of the previous generation and I consider myself quite prone to decode the behavior of the next generation. Today society evolves towards integration of communication tools and information and this will make it less necessary to move to cultivate relationships. Let’s look at today and let us realize how...

Interview with Mr. Roland Schell, MD Mercedes-Benz Cars Italy

Date of interview: April 24, 2012 Professional Profile: Roland Schell Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna I had the opportunity to interview Roland Schell and I did not let slip the opportunity, trying to bring the discussion on the future of our industry, because speaking about the present would have been disheartening. The Italian market continues to fall, while the world continues to grow. In 2011,...

Carmakers’ sperimentations whilst thousands of dealers are drowning!

New scenarios for Italian dealers: the debarkation of Penske Automotive Group in Italy put in motion many brains and overheated … some phones. Carmakers and associations estimate that 1.000 dealers will go out of the business in Italy in 2012 . How to save these companies from the wreck? Federauto – the italian dealers association – has clear ideas: “it is necessary to ask incentives...
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