NEW FIAT COMPACT SEDAN: first sighting

Nuova Compact Sedan8

New Fiat Compact Sedan for the first time in the test on the roads of Turin. Designed by the FCA Style Centre and jointly with Tofas, production will take place at Fiat’s factory in Turkey Bursa.

Fiat Compact Sedan comes from the platform that was also used in development of Fiat 500L, 500X and Jeep Renegade.

On sale from November in more than 40 countries in EMEA Region.

Nuova Compact Sedan7

Nuova Compact Sedan6

Nuova Compact Sedan5

Nuova Compact Sedan4

Nuova Compact Sedan3

Nuova Compact Sedan2

Nuova Compact Sedan1

Fiat Compact Sedan 2

Fiat Aegea Compact Sedan

Fiat Aegea Compact Sedan

Fiat Aegea Compact Sedan

Fiat Aegea Compact Sedan

Fiat Aegea Sedan Compact 27 Agosto 2015

Compact Sedan Fiat Aegea Tipo

Compact Sedan Fiat Aegea Tipo

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