New FCA Group: Second semester 2014

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The Second semester of the year shows positive data for the new FCA Group at a global level, in particular in the European market and the North American one as well.

More in detail throughout the semester- just ended- FCA has recorded increases higher than those of both the Spanish and UK market, even with significant increases in double digits.
Instead the sales trend in the important German and French markets has been negative, although they have had an overall growth. The Italian market has recorded a positive sign by 0.3% although lower than the overall growth of 3%.
At last we are witnessing, although with some light and shade, a European semester improvement that shows an increase in the Group’s registers with 419,630 units corresponding to a 2.3% although the European market grew by 6.2%.

So with a share of 6.12%, Fiat brand has grown by 1.9%, Chrysler and Lancia have losses by 0.7% while the Alfa Romeo has, unfortunately, a decrease by 9.3%.
Instead there was positive trends by Jeep, which has increased its performance compared to the first half of the year by 43.8%.

There were positive results by Jeep even in the U.S.A. with a consistent increasing by 45% over the last year.
The FCA Group, in an automotive market which grows overall by 8,163,942 registered cars, with an increase by 4.3%, sees the rise of its own registered units to 1,020,123 with a growth by 12.3% and with the increase in its market share by a further point, passing so to 12.5%.

The trend supports the expectations of the coming months, suggesting the possibility of overtaking by the Toyota brand, while Ford and GM appear more distant.

According to the semester data, the Fiat brand has still a positive trend both in India, where results double with 6,616 sales, and in China, where despite the volumes are still very low if we consider only vehicles manufactured on site, thanks to Fiat Viaggio with 24,484 units sold in the first half and the Fiat Ottimo that – with 8,553 registrations marks an increase of 78.3% – goes to 33.037 cars sold during the year. This leads to the increase in volumes although still very far from those of the other major European manufacturers.

Fiat Group is going through a different situation in recent months in Brazil, where it is suffering the consequences of the difficult socio-economic situation of the country, reported also by the media in the recent World Cup. In the first half, the group had a significant decrease by 18.5% compared to 2013 with a number of 246,409 cars sold and a market share from 21.9% in 2013 down to 20.7%.

Nevertheless, it manages to retain the leadership for total volume of registrations, preceding even the Volkswagen and the General Motors. There is, so, severe crisis for one of the world markets where Fiat has always counted on to improve profit margins that allowed it to compensate in particular for losses produced by the European market.

The Results of commercial vehicles in the first half of 2014 are, however, in positive countertrend, resulting in significant increase with 95,792 units and a substantial grow by 23%.

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Translated by Federica Izzo

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