New Alfa Romeo Giulia Camouflage

Nuova Alfa Romeo Giulia

Exclusive pic from Automotive Space

We receive by an anonymous reader, the first pictures after the presentation of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia to renewed Museum in Arese.
A Giulia Camouflage as that the same official presented with Ferrari engine.

Although Camouflaged you see the distinctive tail, and the entire three – volume vehicle, the rear lights like Maserati, quadruple tailpipes, the “antenna-fin” like BMW, carbon rims 5-breeds (as car of the presentation) and the front with the three-lobed motif that characterizes the center of Alfa Romeo cars.

Waiting to see it into the dealers in next months, #staytunedwithus

Alfa Giulia_001

Foto esclusiva Automotive Space

Alfa Giulia_002

Foto esclusiva Automotive Space

Alfa Giulia_003

Foto esclusiva Automotive Space


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