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On the last 11th of June I was in Maserati as guest of Alfa Romeo for the presentation of the notorious 4C.

I won’t list the technical details of the product. For this matter there are other automotive magazines. Otherwise you can read AR Official Press Release in our News section, or use the hashtag #4C that I used with the account @automotivespace. For photos and videos, however, you can see our album on Facebook and Google+.

What was told us, in Modena, is basically a good story of Italian passion and excellence that arises only when a special car is born in the land of motors, with the contribution of various excellencies spread in every part of Italy.

If I don’t talk about the product, what do I speak about? Technical details?

Well, you will find it in the Press Release of Alfa Romeo as well, so there are no misunderstandings whatsoever!

What struck me , without a doubt, was the decision to create a supercar working almost exclusively on construction technology and not only focusing on the engine power. The combination of carbon, aluminum and alloys in every possible component, allowed to get a ratio of 3.85 kg for each one of the 240 HP from the 1750cc engine equipping the unique version of the 4C. Even the glasses have got a weight reduction of the 15% preserving the performance and safety.

In Alfa Romeo there is a great consideration for this product as driver for the image of the brand and as a key to access markets in which, today, is completely absent. Alfa Romeo will reach the U.S. thanks to the launch this model planned in the fall.

Currently are produced 2 cars per day on a single shift of 8 hours. At full speed will be 14 for each shift of 8hours. The warehouse is in the assembly line and a block of supplies can lead to an almost immediate stop production.

What impressed me?

Alfa Romeo 4C is the result of processing with the various partners who took part in the project, which also results in a transfer of know-how between them. I felt a climate in which everyone refrain himself from expressing. It was evident when I made some specific questions.

The first regarding the sales, was answered by the Head of Alfa Romeo EMEA, Dr. Vignon.

The production for the launch, planned for 500 units, was sold out far beyond any wildest expectations with reservations for 1000 units, at a price of 60,000 €, and remains confirmed in the numbers. All this leads us to predict that there won’t be problems for selling the annual production of 3500 units. But no one dares to confirm whether it is possible to continue or not production beyond the first stock.

The second question, made ​​to the Eng. Pierallini, is referred to the development of the production: “When and how we will find the technological solutions of 4C on the next models?”

The answer, which became the leitmotif of the entire conference, was that perhaps there could be something in the future but, at present, is not possible to say anything.

Next question: “There will be a convertible version?” The answer was: “I do not exclude but at the moment we can not confirm it.”

Next question: “Could we see this car equipped with other engines?” The answer was: “I do not exclude but at the moment we can not confirm it.”

And so on … The impression is that the success of the 4C has been so great that the board hasn’t yet decided how the project will evolve and, especially, how this know-how can be transferred in the every day cars.

Or, as someone whispering, no one made speculations because now they are used to sudden changes in strategy … and no one wanted to give compromising news, beyond those who had decided to give us.

Last note: a single 8-hour shift with a lunch break, however, indicates a system that is not yet fully exploited. Should we expect a surprise?

(Translated by Raffaele Vincenti)

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  1. Patrick says:

    Nice peace of technology, wich i had one… But why did they put those Italian stikkers on the sides ?

  2. Hi Patrick,
    The 4C in the picture is the special edition for Motor Geneva 2013.

    You could the “real” 4C in these album

    Google+ (

    Facebook (

    Dont’ forge that AR 4C is an Italian car, made by Italians and in Italian Factories (Maserati Plant -Modena)

    Many thanks

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