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The new Mercedes B class television ad, in my opinion, signals a significant communication strategy change that already started with the ads for the E class.
Mercedes sales results in Italy are definitely the worst among the three large German manufacturers.

One of the reasons is definitely a lack of attention to the customer, as written by Maurizio Sala in his article (link), but a large part of the responsibility can also be attributed, besides the models which have a questionable appeal, to the manufacturer’s communication.

BMW has always focused on driving pleasure and sportiness and its cars, except for a few unlucky models, were and are always consistent with the brand image.
Audi’s slogan, “innovation through technology” and “four” wheel drive have identified their models, aimed at those who are looking for innovation, technology and road control in all conditions.
Mercedes, on the other hand, is identified as the car for the “Commander”, the man with the hat who has little to do with sportiness, youth and dynamism.

Today we live in a world, and especially in Italy, where appearance and the status symbol hold great value, there are those who are more affected and those who are less affected, but we all are subject to the influence. Which three images would you rather belong to?

To think that in today’s society, where dynamism and speed rule, a winning image is the car for the commander or the man with the hat, is a complete mistake.
Now Mercedes is trying to remedy the label that it has been given by motorists with these new ads showing young people, definitely towards the unconventional, who are far from the collective image of the Mercedes customer.

How much time do we need to shake off the image that Mercedes has created for so many years? Are ad campaigns like this current one enough to conquer new market segments?

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