Marchionne, from FGA to FCA the wind changes… all aboard!


Is time that, intentionally, I don’t write about Fiat (in a general sense). I’ve also intended , after the fusion announced at the beginning of January 2014, to not do it until May when the new project FCA will be launched.

I decided so, both individually and as Automotive Space, because several reasons such as:

  1. Automotive Spaces doesn’t deal with gossip, we let do it to guru! They need it so they can better sell themselves;
  2. You have already written enough about FGA and in the famous mail written by Marchionne to his coworkers you can read every topic which I, autonomously, have already expressed in former posts (… and Marchionne didn’t allude to them because he read the posts, but only because it is the state of affairs).

Above all there is the will to not write anything else about certain topics because, after the publication of the post on the request for intervention by NHTSA, (concerning dangers in the event of accident of about 2.7 million of Chrysler) with the simultaneous collapse of the value of the security and supervening difficulty was VEBA, was in my opinion quite out of place.
While everyone was doing gossip, thinking that the court proceedings would bring the decision later in time, the agreement has materialized suddenly (for gossip maker not for others).. what a pity not having capital to invest in the stock market!

The decision, of not publishing anything more about FCA, has failed from the moment a plethora of distinguished cheering commentators- a popular job among many Italian “journalists”- spoke about unnecessary things, forgetting the rivers of ink poured over the imminent death of FGA.
All adventurers… ready to board!

Those, who several months ago called him Pirate and destroyer of Italy (I refer to Marchionne), now have started thinking how to assign budgets, … others, now irremediably compromised, have used the tactic of media terrorism.
A workhorse of the old lobby of newspapers.
If you are not invited to the banquet we will destroy you, so THEN you will buy from us some space and we will start speaking well of you
… This is referred to bloggers as well (often supported by powerful on call) who invade the waiting room!


FCA in 2014 will produce more than 4,200,00 vehicles worldwide and not even 400,000 will be sold in Italy.
The Europe – according to Marchionne – is a busted market where there is in the race a restructuring between tears and blood, where each nation has its own individuality… nothing but continental spirit.

Marchionne doesn’t believe in Europe and much less in Italy, just see who he left in charge of Europe and the excellences where went to work: in the BRICS countries, in European activities working in other businesses or at retirement.

To be clear Alfa, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and Maserati have reason for being only if they will be produced from Italians in Italy; apart from there will be Marchionne, Piech or Bonomi!

This is our only safety!
Maybe it’s not enough but, above all, they are small numbers compared to the “big factories” of the past.

However Renzi will save us, it is said by the same Marchionne… there is to be trusted?!!

Translated by Federica Izzo

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