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Land Rover

The endless possibilities offered by the new digital technologies give to the innovation a significant support. And it is clear that in the delicate evolutionary phase which the automotive world is crossing, the leverages on innovation is a way to enhance the products and services necessary to increase the value transferred to the customers.

Thanks to the new technologies, we are witnessing a continuous evolution of the devices that equip the cars making the driving experience more pleasant and safe, and introducing at the same time distinctive elements to the products.

In this scenario, the competition that takes place behind the scenes between the engineering departments of the cars manufacturers is fought with the weapon of creativity.

Creativity necessary to differentiate the products in a context in which innovation evolves at a rapid pace and doesn’t give chances to those who are not committed with appropriate investments and strategies clear and effective. And is therefore increasingly difficult in the current market trend, being able to create something new beyond the innovations that are continually introduced by manufacturers.

The “modern times” make familiar to us even the most sophisticated innovations, making us losing that typical wonder of who discovers something really new. Despite all Land Rover is able to surprise us with something “never seen before”.

What is it about? Let’s go step by step and let’s start from the need.

In the challenging off-road driving is very important to know where we put the wheels. In other words, clearly seeing the ground under the vehicle can make the difference in the difficult situations where one wrong move could cause dangerous street outing or even the reversal.

Land Rover has therefore integrated the innovations introduced by the augmented reality and HUD (Head Up Display) used in aircraft, not only to get a view of the ground underneath the vehicle, but also to overlay the related image on the scene visible from the driver through the windshield.

The result is surprising because the image of the terrain captured by a camera under the vehicle is projected on the windshield and perfectly superimposed on the real scenario, giving the feeling that the bonnet is transparent.

This innovative system, however original and useful, is not an arrival point but a starting point and it is able to offer an additional “eye” to the sophisticated “Self Driving” systems, to which in the  British company have certainly thought.

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