It is enough the name and not the essence. Digital natives and the automotive.

  On this blog, several times, we have dealt with the increasing role that, those who are commonly called “the digital natives“, are playing in the communication, in the image and in the bigger cauldron called Marketing. Everyone in the automotive field, from the simple dealer to the big OEM, has to face them. The questions which, basically, arise are two: Who are the digital natives? Which...

4860 – Auction Milano Autoclassica

  4860 is the number of the registration given me by RM-Sotheby’s for the largest auction of cars, in according of the opinion of many, in the automotive history, and not only; inside the halls of the Fiera di Milano Rho for the winter edition of Milano Autoclassica. It was definitely a particular emotion participate in the auction, both as a spectator, but also from almost “buyer”...

Bertone, the epilogue of the last coachbuilder

Logo Bertone
  It took little more than 100 years (102 to be exact) for a trademark, symbol of the design, to be smashed up in pieces. This is the perfect example of how a generational shift is important in a company. No school, university or a master can ever transmit passion, tradition and pride. Personally, I learned the news of the failure of this company symbol and its auction “of what is left”...

Pirelli and Pininfarina: an unavoidable epilogue

  Another company in the automotive sector of our Europe moved in the court of the giant Asian ChemChina. Pirelli, the fifth tire manufacturer on the world, has been acquired by means of sovereign funds of nationalized China. An operation financially complex which opens the debate to a series of assessments on the health conditions of our badly off capitalism, especially if you consider that the...

Marchionne, from FGA to FCA the wind changes… all aboard!

  Is time that, intentionally, I don’t write about Fiat (in a general sense). I’ve also intended , after the fusion announced at the beginning of January 2014, to not do it until May when the new project FCA will be launched. I decided so, both individually and as Automotive Space, because several reasons such as: Automotive Spaces doesn’t deal with gossip, we let do it to guru! They need...
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