Interview with Maurits Aalberse, Director of Connected Services at Qoros 2^nd part

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Qoros is a brand that wants to grow quickly in different markets and therefore is proposing a range of cars with “Western” taste in the lines and equipment.

The car Qoros are “aligned” in this sense to those who are the most modern trends, such as the ability to offer interactive and dynamic connection-based services.

The QorosQloud system looks is rather evolved in this regard and we wont know more, so we asked some questions to Maurits Aalberse, Director Services Connection Qoros. This is the continuation of the first part.


If the services will be with fee could you show us prices and payment systems (package of services , subscription renewal and so on) expected for European nations and other continents?
As mentioned above, the strategy for the provision of QorosQloud services in markets outside China is currently under consideration. We will share details of our approach closer to the launch when the final details have been agreed.

Have you ever thought about integrating the phone system in the car, in order to control it via MMH with protocols such as MirrorLink or similar?
Through QorosQloud our customers have access to many functions that are connected to their smartphone. For example, the enhanced navigation services allow the customer to integrate their planned route into their smartphone, which will send them a warning for when they should leave in order to get to their next meeting in time.

Dynamic estimated time of arrival is provided in accordance to real-time traffic updates, as well as the estimated walking time from the recommended car parking spot to the destination.

Via QorosQloud, the smartphone also provides navigation to users while on foot, showing the route from their current position back to the Qoros car. Hands-free calling and control of stereo music streaming from various apps and USB/A2DP are also facilitated.

The MMH display supports too the multi-touch: don’t you think that remembering “how many finger to use” and “How to use the fingers” could distract the driver attention?
The Qoros MMH™ touchscreen has been developed to be very straightforward and convenient: for example, drivers use a twofinger swipe to switch between ‘worlds’ of navigation, communication, car information and entertainment. A one-finger swipe is used to navigate within a ‘world’. Feedback from consumer panels, auto shows and, most importantly, from car owners, reveals that people are very quick to pick up and remember the functionality of the Qoros MMH interface.

qoros 3 sedan

To use and sync the QorosQloud services via Smartphone it is required an app of yours: what is the Qoros vision about the developers community?
We expect to link to other apps for certain functions, such as to plan a route which will then be imported into QorosQloud. At the backend, have integrated with third party content including consumer-generated content like ratings, enabled by the developers community.

Is the QorosQloud / Qoros MMH system been understood and appreciated by Chinese customers? Are there data about the nations in which you will export your models?
A: Yes, our survey shows that almost 90% of Qoros consumers actively use QorosQloud connected services, around 80% enjoy using it and even more important, more than 90% of our customers would recommend QorosQloud.
We will start broadening our presence in Europe within 2 years.

To which consumer target does the system refer to?
Our target consumer is modern, metropolitan and ‘always-connected’. Our connected services are a key selling point in targeting this particular demographic.

What is the hardware and the operating system used by your system?
In the car, we use Neusoft software and Alpine hardware and a Harman modem with China Unicom connectivity for customers in China. In the backend we work with WirelessCar, Microsoft Azure, AutoNavi and multiple partners for specific content.

What were the choices that led you to prefer Windows Azure and not QNX? Why do you consider more powerful your choice?
Windows Azure from Microsoft is used as the core cloud technology solution supporting QorosQloud and provisioning incar connected services as well as connecting and syncing the other customer touch points and backend systems.

Together with China Unicom and WirelessCar we are leveraging Microsoft’s powerful global and local strength in infrastructure and services that purposefully rely on cloud technology.

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