Interview with Maurits Aalberse, Director of Connected Services at Qoros 1^st part

Maurits Aalberse

Interview date: Jun 3, 2014

Professional Profile: Maurits Aalberse gained 16 years experience in multiple disciplines across the automotive and technology sectors, Maurits joined Qoros in 2012, where he is responsible for Telematics and QorosQloud™.

Prior to joining Qoros, Maurits spent time at some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Following his ten years at IBM, Maurits joined TomTom in 2007 and later became Director of Product Management for TomTom China. It was during this time that Maurits completed his MBA with a dissertation in Vehicle Telematics.


Automotive Space is always available to pick up the words and vision of the car manufacturers and operators in the sector; when it comes to young and little-known brands interest, if possible, is even greater and this is the case of Qoros.

AS has in fact already collected the words of Cristiano Carlutti and Stefano Villanti, respectively Director of Sales and Marketing EMEA and Executive Director for Marketing, Sales and Product Strategy of Qoros.
This interview concerns the interesting QorosQloud platform that provides connected services related to the cloud, so that their data are not confined in the vehicle but are accessible anywhere and through any device.

What importance does Qoros, referring to the positions of brands and models, give to the possibility of connection and interaction with the Web?
It was an important element of our strategy from the start to develop a marketleading connected in-car system. Qoros’ primary aim has been to deliver cars
better suited for the everyday life of modern metropolitan consumers. A car that delivers more – a better experience – like QorosQloud™ always-online connectivity.

This is why we developed QorosQloud™, the first connected services platform for cars that is designed to fully embrace modern connectivity. QorosQloud™ is a consumer-centric digital ecosystem. It offers more than 30 industryleading functions covering Navigation Guide, Driving Control and Social Sharing via
connected in-car infotainment, a consumer web portal and smartphone app.

It integrates seamlessly with our customers’ digital lives, and offers a range of free-for-life services enabled and enhanced by cloud connectivity. It is accessed in the car via the advanced eight-inch Qoros MMH (Multi Media Hub) touchscreen or from the user’s smartphone, tablet or computer.

The official documents deal with “permanent 3g connected services”: the connectivity of the system is so given by a SIM in the car: in China the connection is provided, to what is known, by China Unicom. Who will provide the service in Italy and Europe?
Qoros has yet to make a decision on the network provider for QorosQloud connected
services in Europe.

QorosCloud qorosqloud

The data cloud is based on Microsoft Azure: is this agreement true in Europe as well? And in Italy too?
Microsoft is a strong global cloud partner for us, and many other automotive manufacturers, and is a potential partner for us for QorosQloud in Europe, comparable to what we do with Azure in China.

Does the Qoros system enable the free browsing in the web?
In the car QorosQloud focuses on providing real-time information with minimal driver distraction. The QorosQloud consumer web portal that is optimised for use on a PC and Mac is browser-based.

In China several QorosQloud services are free while the Premium ones are with fee: will it work similarly even out of China?
The principle for having QorosQloud services as standard in most of our cars internationally is strong but the details of free-of-charge services in markets outside of China are under consideration.

The 2nd part!

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