Interview with Cristiano Carlutti, Sales and Marketing Qoros Director for EMEA – 2^nd part


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Designing a sales network is not an easy thing, but even more difficult is the set-up of the after sales service network, also in this case can you helps us to understand how you are moving?
Even in this case, the focus is on what really matters to the customer. If something does not benefit the customer it becomes not only a cost but also an organizational obstacle: in this competitive environment, you cannot afford to carry out activities that don’t bring true value to the customer as they absorb resources that must be allocated for a better use. Qoros from this point of view has to make definitely a bigger effort as it enters into a market where operators are already well-organized, but at the same time we are more agile and free from the baggage of the past and therefore with greater flexibility in designing the best solutions for the customer.

“CRM”, “value for money” are on everyone’s mouth, many speak and often inappropriately. Are you ready to provide full support to the first customer of the first Qoros? Should we expect some innovation that will give you a competitive advantage?
I believe that in the automotive industry there is much to do to implement an integrated process of CRM along the distribution chain and assistance. From this point of view we have the advantage of having no baggage from past choices which are sometimes an advantage but in some cases represents the constraints.

Our approach as mentioned before will be progressive and fully developed according to the benefits for customers, so the goal is to ensure a true value and a true quality of services to the client already from the outset.

There is no point trying to make high volumes quickly paying the price of shortcuts that do not give benefits to customers or indeed in some cases make them feel like numbers: the brand image is affected by that and customers do not feel treated in the way they deserve . If this is true for brands already established, it’s even more true for people like us who are creating a brand with new features and a well-defined image. In addition, we have very clear that we need to ensure consistency between the brand values and messages that communicate not only with words but with facts, with the daily management of the customer.

In terms of product, we have in our arsenal some important innovations: among them, the telematics system of our cars that will allow personalized management services to the customer and at the same time it will allow the customer to manage the use of the car which is quite an innovative thing for the automotive industry.


Qoros models seen in Geneva and Shanghai seem very future-oriented. I dare say that they are “digital natives”. The target is not, however, the one of the “digital natives”. How have you thought to combine these two things and does your market analysis support you in this?
We believe that our cars meet the needs of young consumers which are used to work with digital technologies, both fixed and mobile.

I believe that the essence of the product, the design of the range models that we are developing, including SUVs, station wagons and Cross, the telematics services today unique in the automotive sector and a combination of services and equipment of the vehicles drawn on the customer’s needs, offers a very appealing cocktail to modern generations including those which are now used to having two smartphones, tablets and manage many activities on the web or in the cloud. For this reason I believe that the target customers and the definition of product and service are consistent and in line.

The HQ in Shanghai is an accumulation of experience and professionalism from all over the world. Given the results, for now, it seems a successful plan; can you give us your managerial vision? It may be the assumption of an imaginary single model on a global scale?
The Qoros model is an extraordinary combination of managers and expertise from many countries since the company’s inception and this multiculturalism became the essence of the corporate culture. In other words, we are not parachuting managers of different backgrounds in a body with its own established culture that often leads to their rejection, but we have created a truly international culture that welcomes new proposals by its true nature.

It’s very motivating and challenging because there’s always something or someone that provides new stimuli. At the same time the standards of professionalism are very high and this guarantees that there are no incentives to take short cuts.

It’s hard to say whether it can become a unique model because already existing companies have already their culture and identity. The market, however, is not static: new companies are formed, older companies disappear, so I can say that this can become a model for the future companies, and the idea of course is also valid especially outside the automotive industry.

What should we expect? Prices in line with the perceived quality not to devaluate the product, or undersized, compared to the European average to create interest for the product/service?
Price is important and it will be competitive especially in view of its quality and rich standard equipment but we want to offer the consumer an effortless ownership experience that goes beyond driving. Starting from the way a consumer can purchase the car as well as the way he or she can interact with the car and the dealership. Hence, an ensemble of products, services and experiences, that makes it clearly understandable that the raison d’être of Qoros is that one of creating something that gives a real value to the customer, a value designed around his or her needs.

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