If managers fail the (electric) aims, will they pay?

Renault ZOE

This is a (general) question that a lot of people asked especially in the last few years. For instance they wonder it about the old managing of Alitalia but also about Italian railways company.

But here we’re talking about automotive so I don’’t want to digress on it!
We have dwelt upon electric car, and upon tales told, a lot both on this blog and on Linkedin. The funny aspect is that nobody exposes himself to contradict records, numbers, facts…. unless in anonymity; often adding general insults.
NOBODY was able to deny the declaration according to which it isn’’t true that “electric” recharge is free; rather, to be honest, the break-even point, despite a traditional car, isn’’t achievable.

It was clarified that, in terms of infrastructure, it’s unattainable to convert the car fleet to electric.
At last but not least we meddle in involved people’s affair to understand who benefits e what… actually this is the right key to understand the real aims!

The underlined posts are just some of the written ones about electric cars, never denied, but that you will never find on “MEDIA”.

Which are the reasons about it? Well, I’ll leave it to your interpretation!

This blog hasn’’t the sounding-board on the general public, which has the most important media, that absolutely don’t dwell upon these topics because they prefer dealing with the first place of Leaf in Norvegia.

They forget, by chance, to tell that Norvegia is one of the smallest countries (such as sold cars volume) in Europe and that the record was about 700 cars sold with an incredible range of incentives and facilitations.

On the other hand, It would be interesting making a collection of some managers’ proclaims, from 2010 to this day, about electric mobility … and then wonder yourself how they still remain in automotive industry.
Let’s consider the statements on the full range of Renault, directly introduced by a presentation of Benedetto XVI!

Ghosn in himself talked about 50,000 ZOE planned for the end of 2013, but in reality they won’t be more than 10,000!
A deviation of -80% (INOVEN source)
In any companies in the world someone would come back home … in the (electric) automotive NO!

In the automotive industry they are recycled or, even worse, they get on career. Now in my opinion, as for creative finance, unless we didn’’t go out of this crazy loop, it wouldn’’t be a solution.

We need “Skippers” who can assume also the social responsibility for the damages created and the expectations that they disappoint.

It’s time that this field will be renew, once for all, from these types of Bosses, and next from the entire fake organization; otherwise at the base of the pyramid it will pass the message that it isn’’t fundamental to do something or the skills, but only pretending to do it.

In final analysis, who will pay the entire production of 40,000 cars ready to be sold (close out)? The employee who will go on layoff and the Dealers Network! Nobody else?

This concerns the electrics…… you could talk about the caste of the Social Media Manager and #fashion bloggers, or even the testimonials that are NOT value followers and become a laughing stock of the social network… for example! The managers who authorized these projects are always in the same place? And thanks to which credits…maybe because of their ““close relationships””?

Translated by Federica Izzo

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