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“The Human Resource Management department!”.

How many times we heard this sentence in an Organization? Can you ever recall in what kind of event the word HRM is so often pronounced? Hmmm…nope! Come on! You can do it better! Oh boy, I tell you now.

Mainly the HRM function should be as follows: “Policies, practices and systems that influence employees behavior, attitudes, and performance…strategically set in an international context”. Wow! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

However this definition never fully applies in accordance to the most modern HRM disciplines since two third of CEOs agreed that people were their firms’ most important asset. But only 10 % said that they considered people issues in the same way as they did more traditional concerns such as finance. Therefore it looks like the others are only willing to talk about HRM just in Excel spreadsheet terms and nothing else!

Within the Automotive Industry there are only very few “Solid” Organization that strongly implement and pursue the real essence and scope of the HRM philosophy, while the others are a mere bounch of muppets and opportunists (remarking how the main mission of Top-Management is not to guarantee the surviving of the Company but to preserve their job in today’s global economic crisis!) who only like spending and wasting time to talk and claim how “People Make the Difference” in their Company, in order to appear professional and very distinguished to the Market. Indeed at the end, the same Market is the best judge can give you the final verdict in terms of sales (very much depending upon functions and operations performances) revealing the real HRM strategy promoted by those ambiguous Organization populated by so Naïve fellows (either known s “YES MAN!).

Today HRM is an abused word across several Organizations. HRM completely lost his real definition in terms of vision, mission and values. HRM (as a system) is more seen by the rest of the employees within several meaningful new definition such as: “Fluff, an irritant, a distraction, irrelevant, the Siberia of my firm, sometimes useful tactically and often comes in handy for doing the dirty work”.

However there are still very few companies that successfully and religiously apply and implement various HRM tecniques (i.e. 360 degrees discipline is the most trendy and up to date one) in order to better support the long term strategy of the Organizations reveling themselves as a brillant professional business partner rather then a mere support function. Who and Where are they? Well, you do not really have to go far to find them if you look at the best selling cars in the Market…

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