Outsourcing in the automotive: does the abuse hurt?

I’’ve already largely expressed my opinion about the growing precariousness management in the automotive field, which finds its highest expressions in the outsourcing. It was a year ago…. We were convinced that some strategic position couldn’t be the subject of outsourcing and that others, even these strategic ones, during the start-up and re-engineering, could be optimized through the outsourcing. Then,...

Interview with Paolo Gagliardo, Head of Brand Lancia/Chrysler for EMEA – 2^nd part

…the first part! GLOBALISATION!  This term should allow you to achieve a product that is in line with the tastes of the “entire world”, with the underlying principle of listening to your customers. Are Lancia and Chrysler getting to grips with this term? Do they listen to the large mass of customers who are trying to convey their expectations? If not, what’s missing and what...

Italy: whilst Penske is arriving, Marchione is… departing?

With trumpets and drums Mr. Rob Kurnick announces the landing of the Penske Group into the land of Fiat: “In Italy the economy is recovering and there are opportunities to grab!” A few days ago the associations of Dealers and Manufacturers – Federauto and Unrae – had spoken a “bit differently” regarding the dramatic situation of all those spitting blood in the italian...

Memorable Experience

Today we live in an era in which we are bombarded with a wealth of information. Today more than ever it is important to sell not only automobiles but also experiences. Automobile companies invest millions of euros in advertising, spokespersons and events. It has almost become a habit for many brands to be open on Sunday, dictated by the company, which is costly for the dealer. On the other hand, few...
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