Customer Satisfaction? Fix It Again Tony!

Fix It Again Tony!
  American clients have a clear fixed concept in their minds: “I-pay-so-I-demand”; to make even more clear this idea, in US customers are called consumers. In the Old Continent we know that American consumers are very demanding in terms of quality of products and services: they have exported Customer Satisfaction worldwide. Even in bars and fast-food – also with a bill of 5$ or...

QNX: the future and the present of the infotainment

Maserati rear obstacle
QNX Software Systems Ltd is released by BlackBerry leading provider of operating systems, middleware, development tools and professional services for integrated systems. Audi, Siemens, General Electric, Cisco and Lockheed Martin use QNX technology for their on-board systems, medical device, industrial automation, router and more. QNX announced at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the last January 5th, that...

Downsizing inside the automotive: another hoax that vanishes

Downsizing auto
More than two years ago I instilled the doubt about the Downsizing “trend”, which was all the rage inside the automotive, and about the Economics of decline. My argument, with all humility towards leaders and excelled speakers’ opinion (who benefit JUST in saying certain declarations and not thanks the truthfulness, NOW ready to change the repertory of their interventions) was very...

There is newness and newness: but what if we were talking about technology and contents?

tecnica e contenuti
«That’s nice, a new model of car!» Given that the time is far distant from those in which a new four-wheels product aroused emotions, today one wonders what the industry intends for “new product”. The innovation has evolved over the years through really useful devices, from ABS to the Common-Rail, from ESP to robotized gearboxes. In short, real progress in the field of technology that have...

Brazil and the Fiat, a 2012 record

Fiat Brazil
The Brazilian car market ended 2012 as the best year in its history, with a volume of 3,634,510 units sold (cars + LCVs), an increase of 6.1% compared to 2011. Fiat sold 838,219 vehicles, establishing the best result in its history in 36 years of presence in Brazil and once again confirming Market leader with 23.1% share (it is the eleventh in a row!), an increase of 11.1% on 2011; ahead of VW with...

Facts and figures unmask the 3 digit growth of the EVs theorem! Only Audi speaks clearly!

Jato Dynamics presented the data of the EV’s registrations in Europe. Hooray: compared to 2010, the sales grew by 938%! Nine-hundred-thirty-eight percent!! A successful market, despite the controversies. I feel the bad smell of lies. Over 7 million registrations, 5,222 were electric cars, less than 0.001% of the total market. Last year were 507. In Germany 1,020, France 953, Norway 850,...
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