Happy Birthday Automotive Space!


Pie 1° Birthday of Automotive Space © Automotive Space

Once upon a time…it was a joke on january the 24th 2011, when the first article scored only 14 visitors. I was by myself with thousands questions and fears but Automotive Space (only on the Italian platform) was alive!

Shortly it got live on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and later on April the 10th 2011, the english version (www.automotivespace.eu) kicked off.

The first cooperations with Emilio, Enzo, Matteo…and after that a whole run without stopping…too much complicate and long to describe it.

Thus, here there are some summary figures after 365 days:

  • 19 people, 3 of which are from abroad;
  • 180 Italian articles;
  • 48 English articles;
  • 1007 Italian comments;
  • 131 English comments;
  • 3,943 spam attacks, 714 of which only from the “.eu” site (bit afraiding isn’t it?)…why is that?

And what about the figures about our followers?

  • 29,282 new visitors who connected 45,222 times to visit 2.20 pages each;
  • 100.950 viewed pages;
  • 3:04 minutes (average) of reading the blog;
  • …and “only” the 21.6% of the above information from abroad!


  • 80 members on Twitter;
  • 86 readersof our RSS;
  • 197 members on Facebook;
  • 447 members on Linkedin (as the biggest second Italian Automotive Group);
  • 3,550 fortnightly NEWSLETTER members.

Here, in 8 slides, you can see development:

Huge THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for keeping to follow us with interest, passion and professionality.

Ad Maiora!


1° Compleanno di Automotive Space

Giusy spegne le candelline © Automotive Space

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