Happy Birthday Automotive Space for your 5 years


On 10 January 2011, due to the increasing internet traffic coming from abroad, after only four months from start-up, we decided to create a blog dedicated to international readers; was born Automotive Space International!

Totally in English welcomes the posts with international level which have already been published on Automotive Space.

Automotive Space does not tell of product or testing, but marketing, sales policies, resources management … in one word how it evolves the automotive market as a whole.

Our clear reflections are the result of analysis that have not masters behind. This allows us to be out of line but also to anticipate trends and look in the medium term with greater clarity.

We have succeeded, always whit one’s head high, without compromise and always haveing the courage of our convictions … is hard, much more than it seems on the outside; but this is our nature!

Shortcuts, tricksy, ulterior motives, are not part of the DNA of Automotive Space, this allows us to not be meteors or extras.

And now we come to the many expected numbers, in many contexts, it is the only language to be heard.

Since April 10, 2011 we have published 220 posts, one every week (considering 360 days a year)!
Although these are significant data, however, they should be read together with those that constitute the Automotive Space Community:

No less important are the 170 followers on Pinterest and 650 followers of the newborn profile on Instagram.

In addition to profiles of paper.li, Scoop.it and StumbleUpon.

That’s it, we will continue even more with one’s head high toward our goals … thanks to a splendid and insuperable Staff who is behind all these numbers!

Under you can see the last Data report on Automotive Space Community!

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