Great Wall

China is near. Its not a film: it’s reality!

Considering that the European car market is restarting, with exciting business opportunities at the horizon. Assuming that some Chinese carmakers “stepped on the gas” in the international arena, and are seeking for western commercial partners. Admitting that in China the development of new automobiles & vans runs at speeds fivefold compared to our. Established that the world leader...

The Chinese army is attacking from the East

I would like to talk about an argument “frivolous”, so trivial that nobody was able to see it, at least in Europe. In the last ten days of March it was announced that Chery’s Chineses will supply 15 A3 Sedan and 2 Tiggo (SUV) to the police in Belgrade . The news might not appear so interesting but there is something unrevealed to say. Browsing the company website of Chery we...