Fuoriserie Torino

Fuoriserie is the studio of specialists able to give shape to the emotions of the Customer, even from a simple sketch.
The company Fuoriserie Torino was founded by the meeting of three different epochal cultures:

  • The ’60s, mythical and romantic;
  • The 70 experimental and futuristic;
  • the ’80s, technology and devoted to absolute performance.

From the mix of these different passions, united by a single “know how” and oriented to scan carefully the personality of the client, resulting unique vehicles, consistent with the personality of the owner.

Sheet metal worker, craftsmen and designers today, as forty years ago, are at your disposal to provide a ‘unique experience: still a car designed by the expert hand of the coach builder. As a tailor, tailor-made packages, so the team has been building cars with Fuoriserie, customizing for each use, and style.

Because making the most passion for the own car means being able to choose unique composition and quality materials.
Fuoriserie ‘s modern expression of a great car culture that has given prestige to the historical models known in the history of’ the automotive.

Fuoriserie Torino s.a.s.

Fuoriserie torino Land Rover

Fuoriserie torino Land Rover



Customizing a vehicle for ‘Winery of the Alta Langa’: LAND ROVER DEFENDER “VINEYARD”

L ‘atelier Fuoriserie Torino has created for The Manager Mrs Sandra Vezza a customization, on a Land Rover Defender 90, linked to the new project of ‘winery under construction in “Barolo”.

The solution fitted with the wishes of Mrs. Vezza, Fuoriserie Torino and the designer Andrea Compagnone, underlining the autumn colors of the harvest, the need to blend and integrate into the territory, thus achieving a low visual impact the car, but with a distinct personality.

The leitmotiv is represented by the autumn colors of the vineyards of the” Langhe Location”, then you chose to paint the car with a graphic “camouflage”, designed in collaboration with designer, where the basic form which defines the color of the leaf lives, declined in four autumnal colors, carefully balanced between them. The final livery is the result of several stages of painting, after which it was decided to “finish off” the car using a transparent material opaque, in order to make the result more consistent with the autumnal colors of the vineyards.

It was inevitable reliance on the wood, this material both in nature and in wine production and have been made thus to create special exterior body, such as platforms external, door-sill guards and spare wheel cover, teak wood, fully worked and shaped by hand from excellent cabinetmakers.
The will of the contracting authority was to maintain an interior simple and essential, in line with the original spirit of the car, it seemed the perfect cover in parts of Alcantara ‘inside where the body was exposed.

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