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Let me spend a few words about “the news” which ends the 2013 – the strategic importance of the acquisition by Fiat of the entire Chrysler block of shares.
Marchionne will launch soon, no later than May, the new plane of release for the the Group with the timetable of presentation of new models, at least, as well as the list of establishments involved.
Meanwhile you can already hear voices alluding an alliance with an Asian constructor in order to consolidate and increase the Group’s presence in that area (Mazda or Suzuki?).

But let’s get to the market!
In Dicember, Europe (EU+EFTA) was the authentic revelation because the positive data of Fiat Group; 51.894 cars despite the 50.738 numbers in December 2012.
This result belongs to a market which increased of 13% during the last month, even if there was been a decrement of 1,76% over the previous year with a number of registered cars in the 2013 amounting to 12.308.215.
While the Fiat Group has closed the entire year 2013 with 740.641 sales (a decrement of 7,3%), the only Fiat brand sold 572.739 cars with a decrement of 1,6%.
More significant was the decline of Alfa Romeo (-28,4%), Lancia-Chrysler (-20,1%) and Jeep (-14%).

In the USA, December too was a positive month for Fiat-Chrysler sales; 161.000 (+6%), it was superior to the major competitors Toyota (-2%), Ford (+2%) e GM (-6%).
The new Cherokee Jeep still impresses the market with its progressive sales, moving from 579 units in October to 10.169 in November and to 15.038 sales in December.
This result helped to overcome the total sales of the Jeep in the world despite the previous year with a final balance of 731.000 units in 2013 against 701.000 in 2012.
This prompted Sergio Marchionne to talk about a target for 2014 of even 1.000.000 Jeep, given the availability of the new Cherokee.

Considering the entire 2013, the Dodge-Ram (+16,7%) and Jeep (+3,4%) positive results stand out but Chrysler falls, decreasing the 1,7% compared to 2012, perhaps because the recent presentation of the new 200 in Detroit.

The Fiat-Chrysler Group in the USA, adding the sales of 500 and 500L amounting to 43.235 units, ends the year with 1.800.368 cars, with an increase of 9% and a market share of 11,54% – a slow increase compared to the 2012.

In the increasingly important Brazilian market, Fiat manages to retain, even in the 2013, a leader position although the loss of a couple of percentage points in terms of share, moving to 21,9%. Meanwhile the work for the construction of the plan in Pernambuco continue, that adding itself to the historical one of Betim, it will increase the Group’s production capacity in Latin America.

1976 Fiat 127

Which are the expectations for the already started 2014?

India, China and Russia will be the three major countries in which to expand, and where Fiat is late despite adversaries.
According to the recent interventions on the Distribution networks and the ones planned for the next months, mindful the suffered attempt of “distributive” cooperation in India with Tata.
For now the volumes expressed in these countries, although with positive trends, are still very low, especially if compared to those of manufacturers already existing in those market.
According to Fiat-Chrysler group the only markets that produce gains are the Brazilian one for Fiat and the American one (USA) for Chrysler. The European market is instead at loss and it still finds hard to catch a glimpse of the break-even point.

The long-awaited opportunities to relaunch the Alfa Romeo brand and the improvement of the overall Group results depend essentially on these factors.

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Translated by Federica Izzo

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