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Electronics has started being used predominantly in the automotive field and its major development has been realized in this sector in the last couple of years.

At the beginning of the automotive history the major improvements were obtained by a hard work on the propellers by increasing the compression ratio together with the fuels but the greatest development took place when the ECU and its microprocessors were introduced.

Nowadays cars are equipped with different ECU that supervise all the functions that are in contact with each other.
You can have better engine performances thanks to electronics because it allows to check the braking and the whole system. In addition to this electronics rules the vehicle’s dynamics by controlling the braking, the stability and the traction.

The ECU are the only ones which regulates the temperature inside the vehicle, the closure of the doors and how the screen wipers work.
Electronics is taking over our cars!

Driving a car means carrying lots of technologies with us but when a trouble occurs these ones make the driver get angry and don’t help him sorting out the problem.
Has it never happened to you that an electronic failure occur and you have been told “ we don’t know what happened, you have to come to our garage when you are dealing with a failure”.

The worst thing is that there kinds of failures happen randomly and they go away when you are going to a garage hoping that the trouble could be fixed.
When these failures appear they will cause more or less serious hitches in any case.
For example some satellite navigators display the following message “ navigation system is not installed” when you are in the middle of the city center you have never been before.


In other cases you can be forced to deal with central lockings that do not work and maybe let you stuck in the car for hours.

Finding electronics failures is not so easy, maybe it is like hitting the jackpot!
Is it so hard to monitor and memorize all the electronics abnormalities that take place while driving a car?
Some troubles have already been pointed out, wouldn’t it be better to have a global check of how the different components work even if only for some hours just to let us reach the nearest garage?

I understand that a GPS that does not work is not a serious matter but it is true that when someone pays lots of money for an optional in the car it is right that it always works and if some troubles occur it is right that these ones could be solved ( actually I do not understand the reason why you pay lots of money for a specific GPS for your own car when you can have aftermarket cheaper ones that work even better than the others).
If the assistance area does not manage to fix the trouble the whole component that causes it must be substituted.

I think that it is better to monitor and memorize all the functions rather than making attempts every time.

Regarding this satellite navigator issue I would like to know the reason why you have to pay disproportionate amounts of money for a standard navigator for your own car rather than buying aftermarket ones that work and in some cases they work even better!

Paolo Camerin

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