It is enough the name and not the essence. Digital natives and the automotive.


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On this blog, several times, we have dealt with the increasing role that, those who are commonly called “the digital natives“, are playing in the communication, in the image and in the bigger cauldron called Marketing.

Everyone in the automotive field, from the simple dealer to the big OEM, has to face them.

The questions which, basically, arise are two:

  1. Who are the digital natives?
  2. Which added value do they give us with their presence?

Who are the digital natives?

We can answer the first question searching on Wikipedia:

The term Digital native (from English) describes a person that grows up with the digital technologies as computers, Internet, mobile phones and MP3. Marc Prensky – who wrote the article “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” published in 2001 – originated this term and, in general, it refers to people born (in the USA) after 1985“.

So, logically speaking, we cannot talk about digital natives unless:

  • someone wasn’t grown up with digital technologies;
  • someone wasn’t born before 1985.

At this point it arises the first doubt, how do they call themselves “digital natives” all those agencies, individual professionals or even the simple speakers who, still today, aren’t familiar with the digital technologies, haven’t reliable social profiles or were born even before 1985?

The doubt becomes “reality” when behind many “digital natives” there are the “old guards”, which experiences and skills are fundamental to enter the HQ.

Suddenly experts of mobiles, soccer, financial promoters, representatives, drug sales representative (due to the crisis) have become specialists of #seo or of #copywiter #smm #webmarketingspecialist #digitalmarketingstrategist or in some other case true experts of the automotiveÉbasically it is enough self-label yourself, for the rest is sufficient a knowledge, a smile and something else; the essence is not often a plus but a real impediment!

nativi digitali

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Which added value do they give us with their presence?

Good question!

It depends on who hires them what expects and which resources he uses, both from a business organization and economic point of view.
The OEM will focus on creating Brand and Engagement while the smaller dealer will focus on the final sale and so Reputation and Hot Contact.

The real problem is that the flow of communication and information are so new that even the entire reporting activity has been upset; creating problems to whom before could evaluate with a certain reliability the campaigns commissioned.

I make an example (very simple)!

I want to create a Brand Reputation and so with my supplier I organise a campaign to increase the engagement; this will be doubled up, month by month, in the several tools.
But do the tools, which monitor the engagement, show even that:

  • it is for positive events?
  • “forced”?

This is the real question, because I can even have very high values of the engagement …But may be due to the disappointment of the “Porte Aperte” which doesn’t promote the duty #sociamediamarketing.

Or maybe the engagement value is piloted through several agency collaborators or with “small influencer”.

I add even another aspect, to not underestimate, the strength of the brand in itself!

Which are the professional differences between creating/preserving a brand reputation such as the one of the Ferrari, Lamborghini or even Porsche, and smaller brand, or sometimes unknown brand to most?

To conclude, it’s worth asking few questions:

  1. you, digital native, what did you do two years ago?
  2. What are your real skills you use to brag of the title you show on the business card?
  3. From which studies and evaluation do your statements in the automotive field come from?

The risk of not asking these questions is the loss of one’s credibility at all; questions that should be the real guiding light for those who work in the a company because people pass but the Brand remains with its historical importance.

Translated by Federica Izzo

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