Dusseldorf: cast a glance over nautical world.



The Dusseldorf Boat Show, which took place during the last week in January, declared the 2016 boating season opened.

About the organization of the Exhibition and the attendance figures there is not much to say!

The organization is always excellent, a bit rigid (german), but surely efficient and focused on the visitors’ and workers’ needs .

Numbers definitely describe it as the first and foremost among European Boat Shows: the approximately 2,000 companies taking part in (to realize the size just think that in Genoa the exhibitors were 760) had available 17 roofed pavilions, well-connected to each other through the usual continuous free shuttles service.

Over one hundred Italian exhibitors at the show!

There are been 247,000 visitors (+2.8% compared to 2015) compared to 200,000 of Paris Boat Show and to 115,000 declared by Genoa Exhibition.

It should add that Dusseldorf, although it isn’t an ugly city, is certainly not inviting for a winter week end so the foreign visitors (over 50,000) come mainly to the Exhibition.
Even if it is difficult to express trusted numbers, the general impression is that in recent editions the number of Italian participants has really increased.



Another general impression is that averagely Boat Show participants has a medium-high spending capacity.

What is certain is that in Dusseldorf you can find everything that pertains to sailing, from sailing boat to large motor yachts, from dinghy to new boats that set the trends, equipment for small boats, for diving to surrounding reality (transport, trucks, house boats….).



Large and small Italian, French, German, northern and southern Europe (be careful not to underestimate them) Shipyards offer standard or exclusive products, retro but also specific and totally innovative products, along with traditional brand and ones there were new trademark that could became the reference point of future sailing.



It is not my custom to mention the individual products but brand as Agapi, Axopar, Artic, Overblue, just to name a few, are already trademarks that set the trends.

Actually they are very as product concept -– you go from boat/house to the 40 knots fast open – but they represent the way of the totally change in reviewing the boat notion.

Axopar 28

Axopar 28

Both for the car and the nautical too there are an alternation of slow evolution – or rather more difficult to perceive in short-term with vivid renewal stages, almost tumultuous, where everything seems to change and make old what, until the day before, was modern.

It may be that we are going to live one.



Translated by Federica Izzo

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