Dusseldorf boat show, uber alles

Dusseldorf Boat Show

Dusseldorf boat show, January 2015 !
I can’t find a better title; firstly thanks to the organization, it was so efficient!

You get the impression before entering: both if you arrive by public transports (train and tram railway reserved) and by car (organized parking lots with the shuttle service included in the price which leads you to the entrance that you prefer).

You enter and find clean facilities, if it rains or snows you move within a covered and suspended tunnel with – that’s a miracle – the internal shuttle free.

If a poor exhibitor is in late and exits from the building 2 hours after closure, there will be a shuttle still in operation which will take you to the exit still open with such efficiency and courtesy that you’ll be amazed!
It’s just a matter of professionalism and humility in being able to reproduce what good the others can do.

Having said that, Dusseldorf show has proven itself to be complete and important for the products on display, boats, components and not only.
Salone nautico di Dusseldorf 2015
There were carriers, important part of the commercial sector (transporting a boat long ten or fifteen meters to thousands of kilometres across Europe is a task that requires days of travel, supplies, organization and it is an unavoidable cost).

There were, finally, the Shipyards of all Europe, which, despite the high costs to reach Dusseldorf, were increasingly numerous.

That this mean something?

The Dusseldorf Boat Show traditionally dedicated to operators, where they perfected agreements with new dealers and suppliers, is now growing as an international showcase and a circumstance to launch new models.
This means a more numerous and accurate presence of the press and an influx of interested public.

Dusseldorf isn’t Paris and the atmosphere isn’t that of Cannes or Genoa. Visitors, who decide to stay a couple of days in Dusseldorf, are certainly more attracted from boats than the place.

Getting about to the stands you often listen to speak Italian, French, English or Russian. “Not so bad” the English say!

About the news exposed what to say?
Each sector would deserve attention. The sailing catamarans one is an example, in full revolution with the entrance in the field of a major producers full inner as Bavaria.

Salone nautico di Dusseldorf 2015

The field of sailing seems to propose new horizons with the presentation of the Maxi 1200, fast cruiser with levels of quality and finishing typical of Swedes boats, proposed at prices slightly higher than that of a big boats.

In the sphere of the components, the evolution of electronics is continuous while also more traditional sectors are in full revolution.

The synthetic teak for the covering of cockpit and bridges has reached high levels of aesthetics and quality and it is progressively replacing the wood.
Even if the prices are still high -at least for the production of high quality- the declared attention to ecology save the trees) and ease of maintenance are an undeniable step forward.

Final feeling: a good start for 2015!

Translated by Federica Izzo

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