Does anybody calculate the damages of the false influencers on the Web Reputation?


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After 7 years of uninterrupted publications and more than 800 unedited posts published, mostly evergreen, I often want to look at some previous posts.

Among the many that I am particularly fond of, and most of them not written by me, there are some that are very current; despite they having been published many years ago.

One of these is the post on the WEB REPUTATION; focused on how the web gives space to everyone, but it has also a vivid memory and the possibility, almost immediate, to verify the validity of the statements.

Here is the last part, which summarizes shortly the whole post < < … when we talk about Web Reputation, we must keep in mind only one thing: “People pass, the brand remains” everything that doesn’t have its own reputation, sooner or later, turns against itself… Let’s recover … the concept of being “businessman”, not hourly filler! “>>.

How can a brand, but also a big dealer, thinks of creating a reputation by hiring the usual “guru” skilled for all the seasons and for all the product sectors?

The web allows us to expand, on a new medium, a reputation already built in the real life; no bad company, in everyday life, can think of having a good reputation on the web.


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Over the past 7 years I have seen the birth and growth of many profiles on social media, on blogging platforms or with their own spaces on the web.

They were originated and have been crushed by the host system, presentation trips, small advertising and events.
Pushed so much to the top and then destroyed alone, giving origin, in turn, to many copies ready to clog up (free) “older and more consolidated” platforms.

All this in terms of Web Reputation for a brand what does it create?
So much buzz in the short term and a lot of negative mood in the medium and long term.

It means, above all, having committed resources to give space to strangers, having given them possibilities, with the sad result, after a few years, of the ZERO ABSOLUTE.

Yes, because if I create an event, some actions, with 10 “sector operators” and after 2 years:

  • 3 are still operative;
  • 4 are practically inactive;
  • 3 have also cancelled their presence on the web.

Can you tell me what value did the communication project have?

Let’s take some real examples!

  1. A well-known premium brand has, today, a number of reviews (almost the same) on some amateur sites that for months / years are no longer updated. A probable customer who wants to spend his 80 / 100,000 euros and goes on that site, reading the same identical review, what impression will he get of the Premium Brand?
  2. A general brand that allocates a budget on a product, to perfect strangers who, after 2 years of activity with no feedback, closes the profiles, what interest will it have generated in a hot customer?
  3. The fashion blogger (or similar genre) who reviews a different product each month, could even have a high number of followers, but at this point why not to call a pornstar?
    She will surely have more followers than the fashion blogger, if the only value metre is the quantity!

Certainly the fact that there is This and That which annoy you from the morning to the night, doesnÕt make the work easy when there are epic changes as in recent years, but … at least is there anybody who calculates the damages in the medium term?

Translated by Federica Izzo

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