Customer satisfaction vs Customer Defection


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Some time ago we wrote about that topic (and related costs).
The following is a true story, I will tell you about this one step by step to comply with the limits imposed by the website.

The events!


  • One night, my car, registered 1989 with 45.000 Km (I bought it new and always done the MOT at the official place) after the start at a traffic light, suddenly stopped as pushed by an invisible giant hand which crushed it to the ground, locking the motor.
  • I pushed it in a parking area and I reached my friends at dinner; in the meantime thinking about the possible reasons!
  • The next morning, a tow truck took it to the nearest authorized mechanic workshop; to make it short, my car was originated equipped with a big washer in the oil pan.
  • That big washer, that day, was picked by the crankshaft, nothing broken but everything to disassemble and reassemble.

Evaluated the diagnosis, I asked the intervention of a technical inspector who, when I finally reached him by phone (you believed he called me? Wrong!) thought well of mistreating me as a real tough guy.
These were his reasons:

  • ‘an old car’
  • ‘out of warranty’
  • ‘maybe it was messed up by inexperienced hands’

The last words “Rambaldi, the race is over

Disappointed for the car break down and the way I was treated, I started the restoration replacing the impossible considering that the motor was opened (bushings, friction, etc.). In the meantime I sent 3 registered letters with proof of delivery to the board of the company explaining what happened and asking an explanation about the congenital defect and the high bill I would have paid.

The company, very soon, contacted me booking an appointment in my office; only a technician intervened!
In a few words: “you are not entitled to a thing but because we are good we will pay you a share for the workforce“.

I asked a refund for what I thought it was right (towing and 100% of the workforce), I didnÕt want concessions: after all I risked my life for 45.000 Km!


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At the same time, the technician asked me to provide him the infamous washer, which I jealously guarded; I obviously gave him only a copy of it, then I refused his proposal and I declared that I would have gone to trial.

The company contacted me again, booking a new appointment in my office; I met a technician and a representative of the Public relations.
The point of the story was: “you would not be entitled to a thing but considering we are good we will pay a share of the workforce. A lawsuit will, surely, give us reason“.

I repeated I didn’t want concessions.
I refused and confirmed my intention of a lawsuit so then my lawyer wrote them.

The company contacted me for the third times booking an appointment in my office: this time two technicians and a member of the Public relations intervened.

The point was (always the same): “you won’t deserve nothing but because we are good we will pay you a share of the workforce, furthermore we don’t recognise this washer as our company supply. With no doubt a lawsuit will, surely, give us reason“.

Take it or leave it.

I continued on my way writing again to the 3 top company members to update them about the situation…
The result: the Company immediately, and out of court, offered my lawyer the total balance of the account of the workshop.

I finally repossessed my car.


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They paid 100% of the invoice, starting from the tow truck to the bushings and the clutch that weren’t part of the real damage.

As I got back my car, I couldn’t trust it no longer so I immediately exchanged it with a vehicle of a different brand.

Moral of the tale:

  • Behave as a (alleged) tough with the (alleged) weak, doesn’t mean you will win
  • Wasting of 6 half working days for a middle management
  • Loosing of the trust (mine) in the brand
  • Go from customer to rejecter
  • From 1991 to today – right or wrong – I turned away from this brand

Basic questions:

  • What was the price, overall, paid by the company for the solution (included my later behaviour)?
  • Who actually pays? Maybe the most by the authorised workshop?

Translated by Federica Izzo

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