Clinic tests, common sense and the desire to truly understand

Clinic Tests

The Clinic Test is an excellent Market Research tool, a unique moment in which the Consumers, Consultants (marketing, image and communication) and Project Managers of the Company have the opportunity to interact and exchange views about one or more prototypes and a significant representation of the competitive market.

It should be an occasion for studying (studying you learn) and understanding (listening you learn) in which they will lay the basis for the strategies and the plan of life of the vehicle.

But, in order that everything works properly, it would require for all the ‘actors’-professional and not -the best mutual communication,starting from the establishment of a common language and -not least- the use of common sense.
So it would be correct, firstly, that Producers made some efforts, they would go beyond their own lingo and convictions, not insisting on imposing them universally, such as:

  • Premium in Italy is a brand for biscuits (Saiwa): if the company imposes to an Italian driver to have a reaction to this word, it will have to foresee that the driver will associate it to biscuits and not to the technical definition of an high-level automotive brand;
  • If you install the xenon headlights to a bicycle, this one will remain a bicycle with powerful headlights and not a luxury vehicle. The feature is not enough to make the appeal (evenless the positioning);
  • If yours is a second-rate brand in a certain market but you want to appear as if you sell well-reputated vehicles, you will be a laughing stock, won’t lure clients: the product in itself isn’t the only important element of the market and you shouldn’t fool the Consumer;
  • It isn’t enough to install in some way a tablet on a dashboard of a NSU Prinz to turn the car in a luxury and technological one: The idea of luxury in Italy is represented (also) by a simple black t-shirt branded Armani and certainly not a t-shirt branded ‘ABCD’ with fur trim and pure gold finishings;
  • If an Italian Researcher tells you that Italians consider ‘boor’a vehicle with lowered suspension, chrome plated and bright red interior It won’t  because he doesn’t appreciate your car but because he is trying to do his job: always listen to those who you pay for their local experiences apart from their technical skills;
  • Brands as Audi, BMW and Mercedes have a solid reputation which allows them to set a high price; but if you aren’t you must invest time, money and commitment to change the situation. It isn’t enough a proposal or just a good product to reverse the situation, the value of the brand remains regardless;
  • If the purchase intention to buy is very good but the price positioning is to 30% lower than the Company Plan for launch, let project the data, it means that your product and your brand have no attraction in that context.

There are reports that happen to repeating cyclically over time for the same customers (producers) which force us to constantly repeat some (useless) questions instead of searching true and deep motivations.

It is sincerely an unproductive and discouraging situation, which lead to frustrate significantly the investments for the Clinic Test as well as damage the product.

Translated by Federica Izzo

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