China is near. Its not a film: it’s reality!


Considering that the European car market is restarting, with exciting business opportunities at the horizon.

Assuming that some Chinese carmakers “stepped on the gas” in the international arena, and are seeking for western commercial partners.

Admitting that in China the development of new automobiles & vans runs at speeds fivefold compared to our.

Established that the world leader in customer satisfaction, JD Power and Associates – “the voice of the consumers” – has verified that the quality of Chinese cars is aligned with western standards, indeed, in many cases higher.

Noting that a Chinese car (Qoros) has been elected “safest car in Europe” by Euro-NCAP-5-star, and that the chinese products exceed the protocols for the safety of pedestrians.

Dealers, investors, in the event that all this is true (and it is true), if you are interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial venture with partners… almond-eyed, please, read this article!

Here are some ideas collected in China:


BAIC buyed out projects and machinery of the Saab 9-3/9-5, before GM sold out it to Spyker; the partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai – of which Baic produces also components – make it an attractive partner for the western markets.

Among dozens of Baic’s interesting models, the E series, the Senovawhose testimonial is Nicolas Cage – the formidable SUVs X65 and HuansuS6. Baic produces also the MPV Huasong7 and three pure-electric vehicles of which – in 2014 – were sold more than 10,000.

Lifan, has cars for each pocket: the super-equipped 820 sedan, the mini-SUV X50, the cheapest 530. Anticipating the landing in Europe and Brazil, the testimonial of this brand is Luis Figo.

Zotye, famous for clones of the Fiat-Multipla and Daihatsu-Terios, today is a candidate to be one of the most interesting Chinese brands. In this carmaker’s products the sedan Z500, and the SUV T600 (120,000 deliveries in 2014), both offering western standards.

Byd – well known for eco-friendly mobility – is the world’s #1 for production and sale of Electric Vehicles, thanks to programs forward-looking and investment by Warren Buffet. In the new 2015 range 2 hybrid-SUVs Tang and S7, and the sedan G5 and G6.

(Ministerial sources estimate over 200,000 registrations of EVs and plug-in automobiles in China during 2015).


ChangAn broadens the range of LCVs with a mix of cars and SUVs rather appealing: the Eado XT hatchback, the sedan Raeton, and the impressive SUV CS75 make this brand one of the most dynamic Chinese manufacturers.

BRILLIANCE – in partnership with BMW since 2003 – in modern plants produces the 3/5 series, and the X1 with… teutonic standards! Recently they successfully launched the stunning Wagon M2 and SUV V5 wich appearance, quality and price make them winning horses.

The huge range of the Brilliance automobiles, LCVs, SUVs and MPVs (and the premium pure-electric Zinoro1E), plus the partnership with BMW, make this brand one of the Chinese carmakers to… keep an eye on.

Gac in 2008 acquired rights/projects of the Alfa Romeo 166, from which they have derived the sedan Trumpchi. Having seen Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond during TopGear, I upped this brand! Gac is ready to land in the US with the GS5 SUV and the GA3s and GA6 sedans, and participates to the new series of Hollywood-Transformers4!

Haval in 2014 has sold more than 300,000 SUVs model H6. I was impressed by the SUV H2 ready to challenge with the western manufacturers in Europe and US, and the flagship H9, an all-terrain with premium details/equipments.
cina eng f3 (2)

I could go on for hours: Chinese manufacturers of automobiles, LCVs and trucks are more than 100, as in the western markets during the seventies.

Many vehicles are potentially interesting and some of these OEMs produce original parts and components for premium brands: BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes, Mazda, Ford, Jeep…

To start a relationship is indispensable to have serious local contacts, in business-partnership with the Chinese Government Agencies: I personally know some.

Are you interested?

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  1. Charlie Paglee says:

    Your analysis is spot on. I know of five different Chinese automobile manufacturers which are presently going through FMVSS approval process to export vehicles to the United States. This is the week to be in Shanghai and walk the Auto Show and see what Chinese have to offer. The Chinese have their sights set on the USA to steel market share away from the Japanese. It will be exciting to watch and see what happens.

    • maurizio sala says:

      Hey Charlie, thanks for taking the time to read my article.
      YES, YES, YES, I believe in the great potentiality of the chinese carmakers… please note that I write these thoughts and I posted this article on… April 2015, almost 2 years ago!!!
      But when I returned from my chinese trip 1) after having visited dozens of chinese dealers, 2) after having known the economic resources they own, 3) after having perceived the reality of the upcoming chinese automotive industry… I was convinced that chinese industry and investors will arrive here very soon, in the hearth of the western markets!
      Let’s watch what will happen withis a few months!

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