China is near. Its not a film: it’s reality!

Considering that the European car market is restarting, with exciting business opportunities at the horizon. Assuming that some Chinese carmakers “stepped on the gas” in the international arena, and are seeking for western commercial partners. Admitting that in China the development of new automobiles & vans runs at speeds fivefold compared to our. Established that the world leader...

Household Appliances or… cars?

Even if we do not know – at home – we ALL have a piece of the vehicle that has won numerous awards during the Rotterdam Shell-Eco Marathon, travelling along 5,000 kilometers with 1kWh of energy (the equivalent of a liter of gasoline). The engine of this 100% Italian vehicle – built by the school “ITIS Rossi” in Vicenza – is the motor of a… washing machine! Manufactured...

A new European Brand: QOROS.

  QOROS. Remember this name. This is a new official brand since November the 28th, founded by a joint venture between Chery and Israel Corporation, with active operational participation of Magna (who wanted to buy Opel in 2009). A powerful agreement between the largest Chinese Car provider (for the last 8 years at least) and one of the biggest Israeli Holdings. The news was not emphasized enough...