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Months ago I signed a subscription to Automotive News, digital magazine that keeps me informed in what’s going on in the automotive world in Europe and the States, and I read that in Europe despite the divestiture of brands such as Dahiatsu there are Japanese who continue to believe and invest, with prospects of double-digit growth in the coming years.

In particular, I was amazed at how the United Kingdom, which was once the largest producer of cars in Europe, also with historic brands made in England of which we know the past decline has raised from large industrial and manufacturing crisis that hit  in 00 years, visualize already this year to come close to producing in terms of countries such as France and Spain (for years now in the European top);  we speak of about 1,450,000 cars in 2012 and 2013 and 1,680,000 inattention …. the double of the unique Italian Manufacturer Fiat Auto production!

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The historic site of Sunderland leverages the huge success of Nissan Qashqai, tub-thumping brand summits to increase volumes and congratulations for the British Renessaince, Burnaston stably producing Toyota in its two models and Auris  and Avensis, the site of Solihull who enjoy an investment by the Jaguar-Land Rover (not Japanese, but Indian … does the same) for its high SUV range (which makes me think about the new SUV of Fiat-Chrysler sad affair: make in Italy, maybe not …)…

All this with a pound off the power games of euro-based economy that has lost value and that might actually create some problem to opportunity.

And we Italians are at the window, with our Italian brand for excellence that wait  and disinvest, and how envious we are to see the Chrysler spot for Detroit Renaissance (Clint rules!)

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