BMW conquering new markets…


Audi R8 Interior © Edoardo Mascalchi

The market recession is good for some. So it seems for the BMW market team and their product manager colleagues.

BMW is targeting its marketing efforts at acquiring new customers who were previously typical of Audi. Throughout the Dolomite Super Ski area which involves 16 ski areas including Cortina and Alta Badia, there are advertisements for the permanent intelligent X-Drive all-wheel drive traction.

Besides having become an Official Partner of the Super Ski Dolomiti circuit, substituting the manufacturer with the four rings, in the Alta Badia ski area, both in the city as well as in the lodges, there are cars inside glass cases that are strictly four wheel drive.

Another initiative created for winter sports lovers (potential four-wheel drive car customers) is the BMW X-Drive CUP amateur ski and snowboard competition. Participants can collect badges by practicing a variety of different disciplines. All they need to do is register online with their ski-pass number before the end of the ski season.

It seems that BMW has started a “battle” to win Audi customers! Besides marketing investments, BMW recognizes extra discounts at their sales network as a further weapon, in the case of brand change, for customers with a competitor’s car who change to BMW.

Audi, however, maintains its presence in winter sports as an Official Sponsor of most of the national ski competitions as well as the World Cup. There are more than 400 Audis made available this year for the White Circus.

The BMW production men have received particular attention in our market, as a result of the fierceness of the Italian government against powerful cars, introducing a strategic model that Audi does not have. You can, in fact, purchase the new version of the Series 5, the 525 D XD Touring, with a 2.0-litre diesel engine, four wheel drive and 218 horsepower. For permanent four-wheel drive on the new A6 you need to start with the 3.0-litre, 204 horsepower engine, with the risk of incurring tax assessments.

I would say that in the winter marketing strategy and product championship, BMW beats Audi…

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