4860 – Auction Milano Autoclassica

4860 is the number of the registration given me by RM-Sotheby’s for the largest auction of cars, in according of the opinion of many, in the automotive history, and not only; inside the halls of the Fiera di Milano Rho for the winter edition of Milano Autoclassica. It was definitely a particular emotion participate in the auction, both as a spectator, but also from almost “buyer”...

Bertone, the epilogue of the last coachbuilder

Logo Bertone
It took little more than 100 years (102 to be exact) for a trademark, symbol of the design, to be smashed up in pieces. This is the perfect example of how a generational shift is important in a company. No school, university or a master can ever transmit passion, tradition and pride. Personally, I learned the news of the failure of this company symbol and its auction “of what is left” with...

Interview to Giorgetto Giugiaro

Giorgetto Giugiaro
  Date of the interview: October, 10 2014 Professional Profile: Giorgetto Giugiaro When one thinks about Design and cars that have marked its evolution, one has to think about the Italian Design and the masterpieces that it has produced from the very beginning of the automobile industry. And when one thinks at the Italian Design, it is a must to consider Giorgetto Giugiaro: designer, entrepreneur,...

Mike Robinson: interview with a versatile designer – 3rd Part

Mike Robinson
Third and final part of the interview with Mike Robinson, Brand Manager and Chief Designer by Bertone. The first part will find it here as this is the second. Recently you also assumed the responsibility of the transportation design department? Do you think this area can improve, change substantially in the near future? What are the your suggestions? Taking on the responsibility of the world of transportation...

Mike Robinson: interview with a versatile designer – 2nd Part

Here there is the first part of the interview with Mike Robinson, Brand Manager and Chief Designer in Bertone. You always create futuristic designs and as a source of inspiration you have the historical Bertone masterpieces. How do you think the design world will evolve in the next 10 years?  Will the car remain the same object that we know today? In 10 years from now cars will be almost identical...

Mike Robinson: interview with a versatile designer – 1st Part

Mike Robinson
Date of interview: March 3, 2012 Professional Profile: Mike Robinson Notes: Interview by Artemisa Bega   While thinking about the automotive world in general, and more specifically about the car design world, including communication and the fascinating star system in the industry, I remembered a very special, unique personality that I had the pleasure of interviewing, which produced an unusual...
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