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Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

It took little more than 100 years (102 to be exact) for a trademark, symbol of the design, to be smashed up in pieces.

This is the perfect example of how a generational shift is important in a company. No school, university or a master can ever transmit passion, tradition and pride.

Personally, I learned the news of the failure of this company symbol and its auction “of what is left” with infinite sadness, because it was my first work experience in the second academic semester of the first year after a course/stages for Technical Safety in the workplace.

I remember, as if it were today, the first entry in the company, the visiting room “Nuccio Bertone” wood, with some of the designs have become icons of cars, and I was proud to have been able to have this opportunity.

At that time there were in production, the BMW C1 motorcycle, and the Opel Astra Cabrio and Coupè, and had recently completed the production of the Fiat Punto Cabrio; and even then they are threatening clouds were gathering on the future business.

Unfortunately, these clouds have become a storm, which ended with the final closing auction of memorabilia of the creature were Giovanni “Nuccio Bertone.


Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

See 79 cars, prototypes and models designed by “Nuccio” Bertone auction hurts a lot …

I hope, given the constraint properly affixed by MIBAC, which declaration of cultural interest, the collection of cars Bertone, will be buy by an enlightened entrepreneur Piedmont and / or sponsor patron who then assigns the entire collection to the National Museum of Car Gianni Agnelli in Turin, where its natural place, as this particular collection, given its historicity, is the cultural heritage of all car enthusiasts, design and beyond.


Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

We pass by the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1962 model of the turn of Bertone, and in this auction, his personal car, to another Alfa Romeo Giulia SS always the 1962 Alfa Romeo Montreal 1970 presented at the Expo in Montreal, for which Bertone said “the ultimate goal reached by a man in that car.

AR GIULIA SS 1962 Posteriore

Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

Who knows that given the recent presentation of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, these pieces at auction not suscitono a renewed interest in the management Alfa Romeo.

AR Giulia SPRINT 1962

Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

AR 2600 SPRINT 1962

Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

Into the 78 cars we can include what is for fans a revolutionary for its time, a collaboration between Bertone and Lamborghini: Miura.
In this auction, part of the 1967 V12 Cross, also personal car of Nuccio Bertone.


Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

You go, then, from 850 spider Fiat 1968 to Fiat Dino Coupe 1970 with Ferrari V6 engine to the unforgettable Lancia Stratos HF 1971 car that we remember the protagonist of sporting success in the World Rally Championship for 6 consecutive years.


Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

The only copy of the 2007 Barchetta Bertone presented at the Geneva Motor Show of that year, the Lamborghini Countach of 1987 with the opening of the doors to the front as already used in the prototype Carabo.


Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

Fiat X1 /9 of 1972 to the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 1973, the Jaguar Ascot Coupè 1977, the workshop style that was the Ferrari Rainbow 1976 (single), the concept designed by Marcello Gandini in 1979 Volvo Tundra, the Fiat Ritmo Cabrio ever in 1979 to plaster model of the Fiat X1-10, up to the most recent years the Cadillac Villa in 2005, and the Alfa Romeo GT Convertible 2007.


Foto Collezione Benedetto Carella

All of these 79 cars, some unique specimens, showing the evolution of the style and design, and will be auctioned between September 14 and September 28, at a base price of € 1,587,200.00, which added VAT and charges of the auction, you get a total base price of € 2,130,022.40.
This means a little more than € 26,960 per cars.

On the same days it will be auctioned also the brand Bertone for a base price of € 3,000,000, which becomes with VAT charges and € 4,026,000.

I renew the hope that the collection is purchased by a businessman philanthropist that will done to National Automobile Museum of Turin with one constraint: the Enhancement of the same, through exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

Similarly, the brand hope will again rebecome synonymous of Excellence in the Italian design’s scenery with advance cars and anticipate the future as the foundatour’s will: GiovanniNuccio Bertone.

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