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Has just ended. The biennial event has registered respectable numbers at the height of the crisis.
As well as two years ago, the feedback is undoubtedly positive, at least are not visible the long faces and the gloomy atmosphere as in other shows/fairs /conventions dedicated to the automotive industry.

Here are the official numbers numbers: 1,512 companies and 102,536 visitors, including 18,942 foreigners!

In order to avoid futile comparisons, remember that access, after registration, was free and that is a known manifestation characterized by concreteness. This event is not a mere show or exhibition, but a real fair where the most recent innovations are showed and ready to be purchased on site. The variety of product-groups is extraordinarily wide and the extreme specialization of small and micro business is impressive.

I was struck two years ago, and still have attracted my attention, the producers of  South East Asia specializing in the production of  balance weights (the small weights necessary for the balance of the wheels). I didn’t think it could be a business.
They come in all sizes and fashions, of all colors, with diamond inserts, painted, gilded, with personalized initials …. a world apart, very kitsch!

From the purely visual point of view (here is a series of 20 pictures from the Facebook page of  Automotive Space) we pass to the contents and the message that came after two full days spent in Bologna.

A lot of  innovation, a lot of information technology around … now the aftermarket can not escape from managing all its activities away from IT, with advanced management tools.
There isn’t a tool that is not integrated in the Cloud or doesn’t have his proper App, not to mention the Supply Chain Management and CRM; everything is done online and in real time.
What struck me, after all, is that the industry operators are very receptive and not at all frightened, indeed!

They seek safety, new paths to walk in order to build customer loyalty aware, more than in other sectors, which is that the only “star” to aim.

I saw a show with a lot of new things, but what struck me was the spirit to do, see, know, understand, speak and it was a constructive spirit that I have seen in almost all the stands.

All right? (You would say) Maybe!

The most bitter disappointments were the big names, they seemed to be there for strength, almost reluctantly.
No one receiving you apart from hostess with super mini skirts, as if those who go there to work would be interested in talking with them rather than with the sales representatives.
Above all seemed, as told me a friend, surrendered! Bad feeling, I assure you!

Many Marketing Manager used a very old trick with the exchange of business cards (and thank goodness they are young …) apologizing to have forgotten them in office…  As if with the today’s digital devices with which they are provided they still need the business cards to exchanging the contacts.
It’s the old cunning of those who do not want to have contacts, because more contact means more time to dedicate to the connections … Typical example of a Marketing Manager who does his minimum homework and go!

I close with a note about the Fair of Bologna, which is now inadequate to host vast events like this.
We seemed to be lost souls … logistically we were almost never be able to know where to go … right, left over two floors, down a floor!

Not only that. The hall layout is outdated and it is not possible to continuously get out and in to access the different areas. Or walk around with a creased map and open the doors with the shoulder because the hands are busy.
Not to mention the identification of parking spaces, or the non-centrality of the only Service Center.

There is an urgent need of a real Fiera di Bologna before the competitive advantage of being in the centre of Italy is eroded by the absence of any sensitivity towards the guests … forced from 8.45 AM to make an endless line to access the parking lots!
Parking areas become banquets for buses and campers, thanks to the prices and the quality of the internal restaurants!

(Translated by Raffaele Vincenti)

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