Automotive & Finance

Automotive Space is enhanced more and more specific analysis and, at the beginning of 2016, it's time to regroup all the posts that they examine the financial aspect, economic and fiscal of our sector.

Often the passion for the automotive make us forget the need to have a vision to those who are the financial aspects, in the widest sense of the word.

Today, in contrast to the early days of the automotive, the only passion, and the technical competence, they are not more sufficient.

Good Business Plan must be solid financially and to have a certain and temporally determined ROI.

In these pages we will try to make our own contribution.

THE CASE OF SAAB AUTOMOBILE AB – From core capabilities into core rigidities – A trajectory towards demise (Part First)

Let’s leave for a post the flow of memories of managers, mechanics, racers, designers and specialized journalists to deal with how the academic world has recreated and explained an event that has left enthusiasts from all over the world and an entire nation stunned: the bankruptcy from Saab in 2011. Giacomo Buzzoni and Magnus Eklund, students of the University of Gothenburg, analysed without biases...

What do Toyoda, Fehrenbach and Vettel have in common? The good sense!

Toyoda, Fehrenbach, Vettel
In recent weeks, the statements of three people considered – rightly – serious and followed have gone almost unnoticed. Akyo Toyoda is President of Toyota and also President of the Association of Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Franz Fehrenbach is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bosch, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components. Sebastian Vettel needs no introduction It...

Dealer Governance, not anymore an option!

The crisis and even more the false recovery of last two years, have made it immediate the need of a true company/Dealer governance to be independent of the property. Several times on this blog, in my opinion, we talked about the real “lack” that affects the medium-large Italian Dealer; the existence of a clear governance, defined and above all totally released from ownership. It seemed...

Dealers Management Control: a stranger?

It seems strange, but still today there are dealers with millionaire turnovers, which have Management Control limited only to aspects of the official budget, often managed in outsourcing. All very useful data, of course, but that underline an already consolidated state; forcing the company, often, for sudden and late solutions. The main point is that the dealer focused on himself, or on trusted men,...

FCA: the future after Marchionne

It has been no more than 8 months, even if it seems more, from when the Market value of FCA with Ferrari and CNH has reached the value of 73 billion dollars compared with the 63 billion of GM; which once was THE colossus of the automotive industry. The capitalization of FCA was close to $ 29.5 billion; after the spin-off of Ferrari that alone had a value of about 18 billion. With the death of Sergio...

Ferrari peels out on Milan Stock Exchange. Perspectives for the share of Maranello

Ferrari is now quoted even on Milan Stock Exchange, after the debut on Wall Street in 2015. What will do the Italian Company, already leader in the racing world and now maybe on the stock market? 2016 is not started in the best ways for the financial market. Actually, even the Chicago PMI data weren’t a good omen, but by now we are used to markets that could overcome everything and almost able to...

FERRARI: it’s time to quotation. But who benefits?

With the coming of autumn, the financial world starts up again with all the operations which are set aside during the summer period, due to the low number of market players. And so, after witnessing the success of the so-called IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Poste Italiane SpA here it emerges one that for many people is the real IPO of the year, even if it doesn’t take place in Milan Stock Market. This...

The unbearable weight of being car dealer

car dealer
People are talking about this. The sector is in crisis, dealers don’t see anything good in the future, consumers and companies don’t think to purchase an additional car and they wouldn’t want to even think at the time when their car will necessarily be replaced. The race to the volumes should be considered ‘completed’, not by choice but by extreme necessity.Thanks to the collaboration...