At last! Up!+Citigo+Mii surpasses Panda


Let’s say once and for all…. AT LEAST!
We have had enough about the torment dealing with the Panda (Italian approximation sign) rose after the press triumph at the Up+Citigo+Mii! launch.

Obviously this ironic and sarcastic sentence is originated from both public and private huffy comments due to the publication of the post “Because nobody says that Panda is sold more than Up!…. article from Il Sole 24Ore which is one of the most read and commented of all time.

Waiting for a meeting with that reviewers to argue their deep reasons, interests (and competence as well) about their shaken reaction 😉 …. Have a look at information that has been immediately sent by friends of

In the ranking of best-selling cars in Europe in the first nine months of 2013, in the 13th and 14th place we find two very Italian cars, the 500 (+6%) and the Panda (-16%) with respectively 121.489 and 118.678 registered cars.
The Up! up-lifts with +21% and it gets…the 23th position thanks to 97.321 sold cars.
Mindful of the objections of the previous post, I’d like to underline that this time:
a) 500 refers to ENTIRE 500 family:
b) Panda refers to Old and New models;
c) The Up! has a complete range of engines and equipment.

Hoping to have satisfied everyone (Fiat and Wolkswagen followers) we add that Citigo and Mii have sold 35.480 (+128%) and 21.933 (+91%) cars.
Finally the trio Up!+Citigo+Mii register 154.734 cars despite of tha Panda that, alone, registers 118.678 cars.


Go back and wonder seriously: “”Was it true glory?“”
Considering that the news wasn’t broken, I have a doubt.. or more than one!

The first one is that it is a forcing to put the three cars together.
Every car has its own identity and a distribution network so that in some Nations Up! has lower values than its twin sister.
Let even passing the forcing, but nobody could deny that the 2011 success has been dampened and that the product has bolstered by a various range of cars, (for instance by the electric one), 0% financing interest and a good injection of km0.
According to this…statistics always declares just a winner ; yesterday was the Panda and now is the Up!+Citigo+Mii trio.

Translated by Federica Izzo

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