Appeal to all the ‘Alfista’: save our heaven!

Regarding the Alfa Romeo Historic Museum, here’s a interesting story pointed out during an interview with Andrea Vecchi, the President of the Alfa Romeo Club of Milano. 

                                 “I worked for 10 years at Alfa Romeo in Arese. During 2009 the last Alfa Depts. in Arese were closed by Fiat: Design, Mechanics (where were ready 2 alloy V6 engines with 320 and 550 hp); the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile has disappeared. Also the Historical Museum would be dismantled and the collection… sold.

The Institutions reacted: in November 2009, the Mayor of Arese asked to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage Protection to evaluate the constraint of the Historical Museum in Arese, to prevent the risk occurring with the sale of the whole collection (already begun…).

FOTO1 - Luraghi at the museum - Archivio Msala - foto ingresso articolo

Luraghi at the museum – Archivio Maurizio Sala

A blog was created by the Alfa Club of Milano. In just a week more than 950 messages have been received from all over the world:  this is the great ‘Alfista’ Family!

On January 31th 2011, the protection was confirmed by the Ministry of Culture and the Historical Museum and his collection – over 250 stunning cars – were… saved.

Or not?!? On February 7th 2011, the Management of Fiat Group Automobiles decided to close the Historic Museum and the access to the archive. The official reason was  ‘maintenance’. But until now – after more than 13 months – the Ministry of Culture, without whose authorization any revamping can be done, has not yet received any request for ‘maintenance’.

FOTO 2 - 6C 2300 Alfa tributo 2 aprile

6C 2300 Alfa tributo del 2 aprile 2011

On March 18th, Fiat and the City of Turin officially opened the new Automobile Museum of Torino, which changed its name from Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia (its founder) in Gianni Agnelli Museum.

Many media reported this episode: “Fiat has opened an automobile museum in Turin, while silently they has closed the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, the 3 rd most important museum in the world.”

In the meanwhile, the lawyers of the Fiat Group on March 25th 2011 presented to the Council of state two separate appeals against the constraint placed by the Ministry on the cars of the Collective heritage and the Museum.

What is surprising are the tones that FGA’s lawyers have used, and their justifications horrify for any fan of automotive history: “As for the museum collection of Alfa Romeo, most cars are of dubious value collectible” – – “Furthermore, it is totally unjustified and unlawful, setting the constraint on the cars as unique models, such as the two Alfetta 159 F1 world champions, as they are two identical vehicles and is illogical to attribute the uniqueness.”

In response to this act, 101 Alfa Romeo from 1936 to today, gathered in the central Milano square, Piazza del Duomo, the birthplace of Alfa Romeo.


For this reason, we are trying to involve new Italian and International institutions so that they take a position on the matter, and they persuade Mr. Marchionne to reopen the Museum of Alfa, the House of all the ‘Alfista’ in Milano! In the next weeks, in April, the Fiat appeals against the constraint placed by the Ministry will be discussed.

We need everyone, including our American Alfista brothers! We do not want this legacy of the Humanity is dismantled, and that the cars sold or moved in Turin. The risk is that the extraordinary archive of the Historic Museum will be dispersed, just to build in the same location a new shopping center.

FOTO 4 arese ora

Other brands push strongly their own history, and they created new art museums, such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

The BMW Museumin 2011 has been visited by millions of persons; it is true, it is beautiful, but only in the museum of Alfa the visitors feels a perfume mixed of oil, leather, steel and that “sport-vintage” feeling that nobody else will ever have!”

Thanks to Andrea for this information.

Please, “save our heaven”… there’s nothing else to add!

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  1. Bert Straus says:

    Alfa heritage is among the most important in the automotive realm and must be conserved. The Alfa Romeo museum should be regarded as a national, if not worldwide, shrine. Replacing it with a shopping center is unthinkable. What’s next? Perhaps a revolving restaurant on top of the Tower of Pisa.

  2. Anthony Cavaliere says:

    If the executives at FIAT choose to dilute and sell off the tangible History that so vividly defines the brand and it’s gloried past, one must question their committment to re-establishing Alfa in the current marketplace. Porche and BMW both preserve their DNA in wondereful venues and both value their museums as an intregal maketing asset. As such, It is perplexing that FIAT feels they have a better idea!

  3. Steve Harriott says:

    Please save these beautiful Alfa Romeos. They are an international treasure, and they should be made available for the public to see. We have enough shopping centers in the world already. We can never have too many Alfa Romeos. Long Live Alfa Romeo!!!

  4. Lew Johnson says:

    I have had the pleasure of visiting the ALFA museum many years ago and was overwhelmed. It is a magnificent testament to the importance of ALFA Romeo in the history of the automobile. It would be a tragedy to disperse this incredible collection. To do so will certainly convince me, and no doubt Alfisti world-wide, that to the corporate management at FIAT, ALFA is just another name plate (of no more significance than Dodge, for example) for them to attach to parts-shelf engineered cars.

  5. Tuah says:

    Yes, please save these beautiful Alfa Romeos. Cuore Sportivo!

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