… and we got the 100th, or better still the 101st!


photo credit: Peter Gorges

This is the first and unique article that has nothing in common with the automotive sector, or with the subjects we talk about in this blog.

It’s just a moment of celebration …. because, today we got to the 100th article and this is exactly the article number 101! (By the way, how does this car into it? …It’s a VW Karman Ghia, running on the Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County, California)

Thanks to all the components of the STAFF, we have reached this milestone in only 147 days (or 103 days, excluding Sundays and holidays)!

Do you think that’s nothing? Well, maybe!

These first 100 articles were read by 6.125 users who have visited 26.166 pages for 3:24 minutes every time they were connected. And the 30,2% of them visited the blog for more than a minute.

The 17,4% of the visits comes from abroad, while the 28% comes directly from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL…and so on).

You can see the 10 most popular articles, the top 3 of which have more than 300 readings, on the right of the screen, while the page that is the most widely read is, of course, THE STAFF, with 817 visits, because it is right to know who are the writers ;)!

But there’s something more, because we are followed by:

  • 25 users from Twitter;
  • 37 through the RSS;
  • 79 users from Facebook;
  • 143 users from Linkedin.

Just to give a few more numbers, our “followers” navigate mostly with IE (43,5%), Firefox (26,9%), Chrome (19,2%), Safari (6,4%)… while 471 players (equal to 4,4%) are connected via Mobile smartphones, mostly based on Blackberry (200) and Apple (192).

The five countries, apart from Italy, which have an increased interest in our blog are: UK, USA, Germany, France and Switzerland.
While the countries that they visited , on average, the blog for a longer time are: Tunisia, Argentina, Austria, Slovenia (Italy) and Switzerland.

Well this is all for now … let’s celebrate!

(Translated by Raffaele Vincenti)

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