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I’ve always been interested in the possible and future developments of our field.
A hobby more and more challenging, daily and multidisciplinary, because the new technologies have increased so muchthe evolution in each field.

Few days ago I was impressed by one of the Amazon “future project”. As you well know, Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, USA. It was one of the first biggest companies to merchandise on line, it started as an online bookshop which an incredible choice of titles (superior than any other big online bookshop or any mail-order company) then expanded through the sales of CDs, computer related products, electronics, household items and the famous Kindle, in short, a turnover of $ 61 billion on 2012!

One of the undisputed highlights of Amazon, as well as the excellent management of the market initiatives, is the distribution. The speed of delivery is one of the cornerstones of their success, today the time between order and delivery is about only a few days.

So what they think to do to still improve the company in the next future?
None other than send the goods in advance to the customer’s order! The customer doesn’t know it yet but soon he will buy a certain new product. To know what good the client most likely will buy, Amazon will analyze the various carts from the online purchases, watching which goods are in the wish list but aren’t still been bought, it will calculate the mouse dwell time on the various products to understand what catches the customer’s attention and so they will start to bring the product closer to his house so that when he will decide to buy it, the delivery will be a matter of minutes.

For instance, if in our apartment building somebody has already bought a book by a certain writer, it is most likely that he will repeat the purchase of the new book launched by the same writer, in a few words a crazy job but appropriate to new wants.

So I think about the same project to our automotive field, whose distribution isn’t so good- or you buy from stock or you will wait a lot.

Where, today, the presence on line of auto sellers and related items is still low the purchase is focused a lot on the price and less on the services, while the showroom resist fewer and fewer, often a bit sleazy and no longer suitable for new customer, you know?!
Those beautiful rooms with neon lamps style 70s…
Think about the future automotive customers, they’re young, digitalized and they usually compare everything and speedily among the most competitive offers and above all think that their choices will be based on the quickest answer.

Well, according to the Amazon idea, we could cross the data available from a car fleet of a certain zone, composition, seniority etc.. and using internet to search new customers we could find the services for each of them, always getting closer to clients.
Test drive, offers trade-ins, pick-up and delivery at home, sales of accessories and so on, all quickly and above all just in time.

Am I dreaming?
Maybe, but in the meantime someone is already testing synergies between different products, check out Amazon’s initiative with Nissan in the U.S. – buying a car within 30 days, you had a bonus of $ 1,000 for purchases on Amazon and the car delivered at home, lovely packaged.

Pacco Amazzon (credit: Yahoo! US)

Will it be time to get busy?

Translated by Federica Izzo

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