Why Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be my next car

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Saturday, February 11, I spent a beautiful day in the famous test track in Balocco.

It was presented in world premiere, before the Official Press Conference in thenext February 22 in Saint Moritz, what will be the next Alfa Romeo SUV, expected for several years, since the exercise of “styleKamal.

The newness are first of all, in the communication mode, this preview “social” has revealed to to instagrammer fans and loyal customers to the new product, even before the official press.

The launch, therefore, was very much oriented to the fans of the brand, to the customers, doing live to both a customer experience ever made before, with tests on the curves of the track at Balocco of Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 510hp with manual gear, and with Alfa Romeo 4C, allowing you to appreciate the different driving styles.

Cruscotto Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Cruscotto Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Focusing on the customer experience, and fans, is definitely a new way of thinking to convey the product Stelvio; whose name you can fully understand only driving, especially in a track where there are many curves.

Passo dello Stelvio

Passo dello Stelvio

Passo dello Stelvio is the second highest pass in Europe, with 36 hairpin bends to 21.5 km with average slopes ranging from 7% to 8% to the last stretch of 9.5%, will definitely make it a difficult step.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio @Automotive Space

A car that leads us to understand how this name came to be an SUV; to which, however, it does not lack the soul and sportsmanship Alfa Romeo.
Between the curves, all different, of the track “Langhe” inside the Balocco, with also several “brow” circuit, it does not have the impression of driving an SUV, but rather a sports car.

Comfortable for the immediate feeling of driving that is established between the vehicle and the driver.
Drive feeling thanks to the technical characteristics, on which I prefer that’re in the various releases of the Alfa; here I would like to transmit the “WOW” of proof and especially when it comes down from the Stelvio and there stands the helmet.

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Driving satisfaction, precision corner entry, flawless automatic gear, the car’s behavior without surprises or “scodamenti”, never breaks down, even in the various “brow” or left-right-left.
The horizontal axis of the hood is always “straight“. One has the distinct feeling of having always driven it, and the driving position slightly higher conveys even more safety to the driver.

The impressions after driving can be summarized as: “Wow, it will be my next car.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is an SUV that hides inside the sportsmanship Alfa Romeo, but also with the comfort of this product segment, so there is comfortable seating and wraparound and a large luggage compartment.

The “Giorgio” is the same platform used to develop both Stelvio, that the new Giulia, with the hope that the Stelvio can build on the experience already gained by learning, and avoiding, any past mistakes.

No longer enough, in 2017, to produce a car with exclusive and rewarding characteristics (are of equal importance) to realize a premium product, a service and a Customer Care at the height of a premium expectations; and that you can only become a leader in customer experience.

Today a first step has been made, I hope that we won’tt stop, but that we’ll proceed along this path, albeit fraught with curves, like the Passo dello Stelvio.

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    Nice! Glad I was able ti find this website while working. The first actual opinion of Stelvio driven! Thanks.

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