2020, the list of the most read posts on Automotive Space

Also this year we like to publish the list of most read posts, from begin (about 10 years), of Automotive Space!

I chose to publish the 10 most read posts to understand what is more interesting for our readers and give a list of posts, to the readers, that the Community deem worthy of being read.

Automotive Space is on line since 10 years (with about 280 posts issued) at this moment we haven’t abroad correspondents and we write from professional to professional, of course in automotive sector.

We are always searching international reporter to have a more independent and large vision of our professional sector.

If you interested to make Personal Branding, and you have a deep knowledge of Automotive Field, Please contact us.

In while….

  1. Mercedes-Benz and the ‘OM651 case’ (8 Comments)
    This new motor has expressed several failures causing repeated breakdown of the cars. What happened at the Mercedes-Benz Customer Service?
  2. Alfa Romeo vs BMW? (3 Comments)
    When Alfa Romeo was a brand desired by many customers, Auto Motor und Sport compared the BMW 520i and the Alfetta 1.8. A great challenge!
  3. Moment of truth: the delivery (3 Comments)
    The Chinese dealers, BMW and Audi they well understand that the sale of a vehicle does not ends when the customer has signed the contract!
  4. Standards! A new absurd war for dealers: the ‘retaliation’ of the OEMs (6 Comments)
    Despite the dramatic situation, in spite of promises and statements of ‘partnerships’, many OEMs returned to attack their networks with new standards
  5. Want to sell more new cars? Listen really what women want! (16 Comments)
    Women influence the decision to purchase cars; they themselves are an important part of the market. The difficult relationship between Women and automotive.
  6. Young people are not interested in the car!(2 Comments)
    Young people aren’t interested in the car because metaphysical reasons; they have no money, no credit and they belong to societies with no motors heritage.
  7. Why does PSA want to buy OPEL and VAUXHALL? (2 Comments)
    The purchasing rumors of Opel and Vauxhall, from PSA, are becoming more insistent. The merger seems full of obstacles, but what are the secrets axes Tavarez?
  8. The Job Order in the vehicle after-sales; this stranger… (0 Comments)
    The job order cannot become a proper standard in the after-sales field even if it isn’t a choice or an internal process only.
  9. Sailing by sea or living on the sea? The debut of Overblue, the crossover (0 Comments)
    The debut of Overblue: a new way to go to sea
  10. How to transform your own customers into fans: the social customer service (0 Comments)
    The Social Customer Service is the natural evolution of the Customer Service. ItÕs own peculiarities allows us to generate large monetary returns.

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