Customer Satisfaction? Fix It Again Tony!

Fix It Again Tony!
  American clients have a clear fixed concept in their minds: “I-pay-so-I-demand”; to make even more clear this idea, in US customers are called consumers. In the Old Continent we know that American consumers are very demanding in terms of quality of products and services: they have exported Customer Satisfaction worldwide. Even in bars and fast-food – also with a bill of 5$ or 10$...

Fiat 500X Camouflage, new version or test components?

Fiat 500X
  New sighting, Fiat 500X mule camouflaged into the road of the turin ‘s province. New versions, new internal or only components test? #staytunedwithus   (note: click on the images to enlarge)… Read the rest

Fiat Grande Punto Muletto – Restyling? No Fiat Aegea Hatchback

Fiat Grande Punto 2015
  A few hours before the launch, this evening, of the Fiat 500 (2016) facelift, we encounter a Fiat Grande Punto* mule testing, maybe a next future restyling for the Grande Punto model? The car is a little wider than the actual Grande Punto, but #staytuned with us * This is the forklift Fiat Aegea Hatchback     (note: click on the images to enlarge)  … Read the rest

New Fiat 500 Cabrio Camouflage

New Fiat 500 Cabrio 2015
  Waiting to celebrate the restyling of the Fiat 500, on July 4, we have seen testing some Cabrio cars between the roads of Turin. The face lift will concern the front and back of the bodywork, although  you can see that the final result will not be much different from today’s. The interior design, especially the infotainment, will be very similar to Fiat 500X.   with...

NEW FIAT COMPACT SEDAN: first sighting

Nuova Compact Sedan8
  New Fiat Compact Sedan for the first time in the test on the roads of Turin. Designed by the FCA Style Centre and jointly with Tofas, production will take place at Fiat’s factory in Turkey Bursa. Fiat Compact Sedan comes from the platform that was also used in development of Fiat 500L, 500X and Jeep Renegade. On sale from November in more than 40 countries in EMEA Region. (note:...

Pure electric vehicles and the heat/electric hybrid ones

BYD e6
  More and more frequently we attend the launch of new pure and hybrid electric cars or heat/electric ones, so it comes naturally to wonder: what is the differences of the product they offer and for what types of use? To better understand the products offered and their characteristics, I asked a friend and true expert on the subject for help, Ing. Roberto Barbiero, a career dedicated to car design...


Ram Promaster City
  RAM PROMASTER CITY 2015 in the trial, on the streets of Turin (Italy) around the historic Mirafiori Plant. RAM PROMASTER is the US version (rebadge) of Fiat Doblò model marketed in the EMEA region. This rebadge version the mostly know “Doblò” in its third generation, sees is higher than European and reinforced suspension components are fitted for the US streets.   (note: click...

FIAT 500 STUDIO front/rear

Fiat 500
  The Fiat car that was a sales record in US, and that might just become a brand in itself given the two recent interpretations 500 L and 500 X. In of April 2015 on the streets of Turin we see a Fiat 500 camouflage for studies of the new front-end/rear that may also potentially be used on the two L and X.   (note: click on the images to enlarge)… Read the rest

Pirelli and Pininfarina: an unavoidable epilogue

  Another company in the automotive sector of our Europe moved in the court of the giant Asian ChemChina. Pirelli, the fifth tire manufacturer on the world, has been acquired by means of sovereign funds of nationalized China. An operation financially complex which opens the debate to a series of assessments on the health conditions of our badly off capitalism, especially if you consider that the...

Fiat 600, the car is no more a dream

  According to young people – those of the “2.0” generation, the automobile is an item taken for granted such as the television, dishwasher, internet, smartphone and social network. The car, as modern object of desire, at least for the lucky ones, means to desire not a simply car but “that” one. But for those who were young in 1955, when the Fiat 600 was presented, the automobile was...

FIAT 600 – Italian family gets in the car

Fiat 600
  We saw, in the first post, how Italy of the first ’50s was a developing country even if with several structural contradictions. From one hand It was a society looking for new life styles -– including mobility – thanks to a growing GDP and a large scale demand of modern products which led to new needs (refrigerator, televisions, washing machines), and on the other hand a Nation lacking...

Sixty years ago, Fiat 600

bozzetto Fiat 600
  At the Geneva Motor Show Fiat presented the “600”, it was the 1955. Let’s skip for now the technical details about the car and try to observe the world of the 1955, far sixty years from now and which seems a geologic era. It was the year in which were born Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Kevin Costner, Ornella Muti, Michel Platini, Alain Prost, Susanna Camusso, Enrico Mentana,...

Interview to Giorgetto Giugiaro

Giorgetto Giugiaro
   Date of the interview: October, 10 2014 Professional Profile: Giorgetto Giugiaro When one thinks about Design and cars that have marked its evolution, one has to think about the Italian Design and the masterpieces that it has produced from the very beginning of the automobile industry. And when one thinks at the Italian Design, it is a must to consider Giorgetto Giugiaro: designer, entrepreneur,...

New FCA Group: Second semester 2014

World Map
  The Second semester of the year shows positive data for the new FCA Group at a global level, in particular in the European market and the North American one as well. More in detail throughout the semester- just ended- FCA has recorded increases higher than those of both the Spanish and UK market, even with significant increases in double digits. Instead the sales trend in the important German...

FCA: business plan or image campaign?

Alfa Romeo 4C
  The five-years plan recently announced by the FCA President John Elkann and the CEO Marchionne has been commented, criticized and evaluated (in a positive and negative direction) by the Stock market. It certainly has had a wide media space, has generated great expectations among workers but also among consumers and potential Customers. To me this is a good advertising campaign for the Group...

Alcohol and driving, a concrete danger

Alcool and drive
   “What’s the matter? It’s just a shot glass!”“: How many times have we said or listened to these words? You underestimate very often the combination of alcohol and driving because the abuse gives subtle symptoms that get worse gradually with increasing dose. Several surveys have underlined the serious consequences of an high BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) as those reported...

2014: First quarter Sales for FCA

  Waiting the launch of the new business plan FCA by Marchionne about the near future, planned for 6th,May in Detroit and that in addition to confirmations and new directions for the Group’s brands, it should finally clarify the expected developments of “Alfa Romeo”, meanwhile we comment the results referring to car registrations of Chrysler Fiat Group Automobiles in the first quarter of...

Marchionne, from FGA to FCA the wind changes… all aboard!

  Is time that, intentionally, I don’t write about Fiat (in a general sense). I’ve also intended , after the fusion announced at the beginning of January 2014, to not do it until May when the new project FCA will be launched. I decided so, both individually and as Automotive Space, because several reasons such as: Automotive Spaces doesn’t deal with gossip, we let do it to guru! They need...

Old Europe, if you’re there knock once

  Coming back to Italy after a couple of weeks spent in different European continental countries and Northern ones, I realize that during that time I never heard about Marchionne. And this is not because in the rest of the Europe nobody speaks about cars – Fiat as well- about the crisis of the sector, staff redundancies and factory closures…. But perhaps it is a bit less pressing the identification...

Relaunching Alfa Romeo: A bit of Ferrari in the future

  While the spotlight around the world are focused on the latest models of the Detroit Motor Show, in Italy still echoes the words of Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann pronounced during the press conference about the Group, the results achieved and the perspectrives for the future. In fact the merger and the IPO were discussed, as well as the ” new headquarter issue”, dealt with after...

Downsizing inside the automotive: another hoax that vanishes

Downsizing auto
  More than two years ago I instilled the doubt about the Downsizing “trend”, which was all the rage inside the automotive, and about the Economics of decline. My argument, with all humility towards leaders and excelled speakers’ opinion (who benefit JUST in saying certain declarations and not thanks the truthfulness, NOW ready to change the repertory of their interventions)...

Fiat “buys” in the USA, a hundred years of history

Fiat in USA
  Fiat looked at the USA since the business foundation in 1902 by Senator Agnelli and in 1909 with the building of a factory. The acquisition of Chrysler by Fiat, made official in the first days of January, has had wide media coverage, even if with different interpretations. How much of this acquisition will be positive to the Company, and to those who work in it, to Turin and Italy we will see...

Fiat World: Anno Domini 2013

Fiat in the world
  Let me spend a few words about “the news” which ends the 2013 – the strategic importance of the acquisition by Fiat of the entire Chrysler block of shares. Marchionne will launch soon, no later than May, the new plane of release for the the Group with the timetable of presentation of new models, at least, as well as the list of establishments involved. Meanwhile you can already hear voices...

November: the FIAT Group in the world

500 gigante
  According to the main global markets data of November 2013 we can try to make a view, concise but accurate, on the trend of our National Builder about the main markets in the world, also expressing thoughts and forecasts. European automotive market, overall, registered in November a little growth of 0.9%, this marks the end of the month with an increasing trend for the 3rd consecutive month. In...

At last! Up!+Citigo+Mii surpasses Panda

 Let’s say once and for all…. AT LEAST! We have had enough about the torment dealing with the Panda (Italian approximation sign) rose after the press triumph at the Up+Citigo+Mii! launch. Obviously this ironic and sarcastic sentence is originated from both public and private huffy comments due to the publication of the post “Because nobody says that Panda is sold more than Up!…. article...

The overproduction concerns the whole of Europe, or not?

  Do you remember the article of Marco Saltalamacchia “Move the metal, Jack!” after just one month since our launch? Over time it has become a MUST! A way to tackle the situation “taking the bull by the horns“, reaffirmed about a year later in the interview that was issued by the same author of the post. The subject is the automotive production capacity in Europe. Subject...

103, 169? The car that Alfa should have built

  Authoritative automobiles magazines and journalists – but also many fans – are waiting since a long time for the new Alfa Romeo 169, which is still in the Marchionne’s drawer. The history of Alfa Romeo is full of revolutionary projects which could have changed its story. Let’s speak about one of the many Alfa ever born, of which there is a rare example at the Historical...

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité! Vive la France, vive l’Europe!

  Do you remember the article on car purchases by the Italian State, which has stimulated a heated debate on this blog? With all the related discussion on globalization, market and liberalization? Well brace yourselves because while half of Europe is drifting, the other half knows where is going, and without wanting to be ironic, hats off to their rulers! We start recalling that in the European...

Brazil and the Fiat, a 2012 record

Fiat Brazil
    The Brazilian car market ended 2012 as the best year in its history, with a volume of 3,634,510 units sold (cars + LCVs), an increase of 6.1% compared to 2011. Fiat sold 838,219 vehicles, establishing the best result in its history in 36 years of presence in Brazil and once again confirming Market leader with 23.1% share (it is the eleventh in a row!), an increase of 11.1% on 2011; ahead...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 2^nd part

    …from the first part! May I ask a more generic question? What professional differences are there, for a person in your position, between working in Turin and working in Detroit? Both Turin and Detroit have a strong, proud automotive heritage. While both have gone through tough times, both continue to maintain a vivid passion for cars. From a professional standpoint, I feel at home...
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