2014: First quarter Sales for FCA

Waiting the launch of the new business plan FCA by Marchionne about the near future, planned for 6th,May in Detroit and that in addition to confirmations and new directions for the Group’s brands, it should finally clarify the expected developments of “Alfa Romeo”, meanwhile we comment the results referring to car registrations of Chrysler Fiat Group Automobiles in the first quarter of 2014. We...

When the eastern wind…

I have already had occasion to say that the world of the automotive and the recreational marine one are very close. In general, the world of boating retraces the same choices and pathways of the automotive… ten year later. Over the years in the automotive there are been manufacturers’ realities characterized by low cost connotations. To Asian manufacturers -mostly Koreans- who first pointed to...

November: the FIAT Group in the world

500 gigante
According to the main global markets data of November 2013 we can try to make a view, concise but accurate, on the trend of our National Builder about the main markets in the world, also expressing thoughts and forecasts. European automotive market, overall, registered in November a little growth of 0.9%, this marks the end of the month with an increasing trend for the 3rd consecutive month. In November...

At last! Up!+Citigo+Mii surpasses Panda

Let’s say once and for all…. AT LEAST! We have had enough about the torment dealing with the Panda (Italian approximation sign) rose after the press triumph at the Up+Citigo+Mii! launch. Obviously this ironic and sarcastic sentence is originated from both public and private huffy comments due to the publication of the post “Because nobody says that Panda is sold more than Up!…. article from...

In search of the lost platform (as long as cross-segment)

  Watchword: share. It matters little that if we are talking about social networks or platforms. The first is the reality of the moment, the other a necessity for the cars manufacturer, searching for the magical tool that allows to churn out new models in bursts, while maintaining a unique structure, from the city car to the SUV. If the concept of shared platform applies to similar segments,...

Brazil and the Fiat, a 2012 record

  The Brazilian car market ended 2012 as the best year in its history, with a volume of 3,634,510 units sold (cars + LCVs), an increase of 6.1% compared to 2011. Fiat sold 838,219 vehicles, establishing the best result in its history in 36 years of presence in Brazil and once again confirming Market leader with 23.1% share (it is the eleventh in a row!), an increase of 11.1% on 2011; ahead of...

CRM: the “Waterloo” of the dealers

  2012 has been succesfull for carmakers: they all made money selling cars!

Why nobody says that Panda is sold more than Up! ?

Yes, you read correctly, and it is no use you get excited – I’m referring to the pro Germans (VW e.n.). The numbers speak clearly, whether you like it or not! But what is surprising is how the news is virtually absent from any type of media; then perhaps we can find some painful – but true – explanation without a particular effort. Thanks to our friends at I received...

Toyota Prius: world’s best selling model is hybrid!

Prius jumps to lightspeed
  For the first time in the automotive history an Hybrid vehicle is the world’s best selling model, as reported by research team, with over 256.000 vehicles sold in the first quarter 2012, ahead of former leader, Toyota Corolla (253.000) and Ford Focus (231.000). Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric vehicles introduced in the 1997 in the Japanese market and progressivelly launched...

In Russia Ghosn beats Marchionne 31 to 1. Nasdrovie Tovarish!

  While in Italy manufacturers, importers and dealers are losing dozens of employees and millions of euro every day – and Fiat develops his worst results in the last 30 years – in Russia the Carmakers seems to play war games. The Russian market is a great opportunity for manufacturers and dealers: last year, 2,652,000 cars were sold with a growth of 39.1% over 2010. As reported by Focus...

When scale economy compromises quality

Using the same parts for different models of cars, and for different brands in the case of auto groups, is definitely an intelligent solution for cost containment and the allocation of fixed costs on a larger number of vehicles, besides the reduction of merchandise in stock by adopting a just in time production system.

Italy: whilst Penske is arriving, Marchione is… departing?

  With trumpets and drums Mr. Rob Kurnick announces the landing of the Penske Group into the land of Fiat: “In Italy the economy is recovering and there are opportunities to grab!” A few days ago the associations of Dealers and Manufacturers – Federauto and Unrae – had spoken a “bit differently” regarding the dramatic situation of all those spitting blood in...

The residual value of your new car

residual value
For the last few days I have been hearing the ad on the italian radio for the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the part about maintaining its value in the used car market according to Eurotax and Quattroruote (the most important italian automotive newspaper) really caught my attention. I wondered: is it really true what they’re saying in the Giulietta ad? And, if it is true, why advertise it during...

Global cars sales outlook – March 2012

photo credit: godzillante|photochopper “2012 started full of uncertain for OEMs in the automotive industry” this was how I started my article last month. At that time reports on January Chinese market performance were not yet available and when they arrived, with an incredible 26% lost year on year, Car OEMs Top Executives become really nervous. Chinese data were affected by the Chinese New Year...

Manufacturer Alliances: Good or bad?

  The recent announcement by PSA and GM of their intended strategic alliance is one of many such alliances between various manufacturers. But when do these alliances start diluting brand equity?

A new European Brand: QOROS.

  QOROS. Remember this name. This is a new official brand since November the 28th, founded by a joint venture between Chery and Israel Corporation, with active operational participation of Magna (who wanted to buy Opel in 2009). A powerful agreement between the largest Chinese Car provider (for the last 8 years at least) and one of the biggest Israeli Holdings. The news was not emphasized enough...

Automotive communication: different roles between OEM and dealers.

Advertising and the art to manage the emotions of clients.  Advertising is considered the most powerful tool of marketing, has no limits or borders and has become an integral part of the economy in the world. Dorothy Miller the 2011 Nada Convention has analyzed this argument, noting that in the United States today, nearly 40% of car buyers do not trust most of the traditional media such as press,...

Cadillac Man: fantasy or reality? Some interesting data collected in Italy, useful… everywhere!

Cadillac man
  What can happen when two very famous persons, known and loved by all becomes car salesmen? I know many car dealers and many salesmen who are ashamed to say the work they do, fearing of being compared to the ‘Cadillac man‘ of Robin Williams or to the ‘Italian Car salesman’ of Robert de Niro. In Italy from a few weeks two famous character actors, Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri,...

NADA Convention 2011 and XXI Congresso Fenabrave: the revolution of Social Media make obsolete the CSI

  As the GDP can’t be the benchmark of the economy because it does not take into account all the variables of real life but only the consumption, so the CSI can’t be the index with which to judge dealers, because it measures the satisfaction of “just one moment” and nothing else. Few manufacturers – more attentive to the evolution of consumers – does not measure satisfaction...

VOLKSWAGEN & VOLKSWAGEN…no customers’ land?

  The prestigious Wolfsburg Automotive Group has in the recent year shown a clear sign of market growth in selling his robust and reliable vehicles around the world across its several very well known and strong brands. This year sales forecast versus the current turnover are electing the Group as being on the top of sales, beating Toyota’s myth for the very first time in the last recent years. As...

The Chinese army is attacking from the East

photo credit: H2SO4 I would like to talk about an argument “frivolous”, so trivial that nobody was able to see it, at least in Europe. In the last ten days of March it was announced that Chery’s Chineses will supply 15 A3 Sedan and 2 Tiggo (SUV) to the police in Belgrade . The news might not appear so interesting but there is something unrevealed to say. Browsing the company...

Fiat-Chrysler, an expected marriage!

photo credit: Bildbunt Everybody is talking about Fiat and Chrysler agreement but none guessed that despite of evident Fiat needs to acquaintain with a partner. In terms of facts the Brazilian Operations were positive whilst European car productions were extremely negative because of volumes being not large enough especially across the medium-size vehicles. However Chrysler needed exactly the opposite...

Glamour Volkswagen

photo credit: mcgmatt Whenever a new reader joins this blog it looks like we are total supporter group of Germany but this is not the case. The advertising claim as “Germany technologic supremacy” used some years ago is not our bible. We are only people focused on the reality of facts and following this focus it is not avoidable to notice new ideas, projects and proposals currently coming out...
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