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We asked the most important Managers and Opinion Leaders of the Automotive Market, what they clearly think about the future scenarios. What you are going to read below are some Visionary comments of the bravest people who do not neglect to put in writing their opinions without hiding themselves.

It would be nice to go through those few comments again in the next furthercoming years.
Only to see who will be the "Visionary" winner!

Interview with Maurits Aalberse, Director of Connected Services at Qoros 2^nd part

maurits aalberse
  Qoros is a brand that wants to grow quickly in different markets and therefore is proposing a range of cars with “Western” taste in the lines and equipment. The car Qoros are “aligned” in this sense to those who are the most modern trends, such as the ability to offer interactive and dynamic connection-based services. The QorosQloud system looks is rather evolved in...

Interview with Maurits Aalberse, Director of Connected Services at Qoros 1^st part

Maurits Aalberse
Interview date: Jun 3, 2014 Professional Profile: Maurits Aalberse gained 16 years experience in multiple disciplines across the automotive and technology sectors, Maurits joined Qoros in 2012, where he is responsible for Telematics and QorosQloud™. Prior to joining Qoros, Maurits spent time at some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Following his ten years at IBM, Maurits joined TomTom...

Interview with Stefano Villanti, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Qoros

Interview date: Feb 21,  2014 Professional Profile: Stefano Villanti is the Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd.. He joined the organisation in 2008 and was a key staff member during the initial start-up phase. As Qoros has grown so has Stefano’s responsibility and he now leads over 260 internal and external Qoros staff. Prior to joining...

Interview with Cristiano Carlutti, Sales and Marketing Qoros Director for EMEA – 2^nd part

…from the first part! Designing a sales network is not an easy thing, but even more difficult is the set-up of the after sales service network, also in this case can you helps us to understand how you are moving? Even in this case, the focus is on what really matters to the customer. If something does not benefit the customer it becomes not only a cost but also an organizational obstacle: in...

Interview with Cristiano Carlutti, Sales and Marketing Qoros Director for EMEA – 1^st part

  Date of interview Jun, 4 2013 Professional profile: Business Administration degree at Bocconi University in Milano, Cristiano has developed an 18 years long experience in sales, retail development and marketing, with experiences in Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland and United Kingdom and responsibilities growing from the Italian market to the European and finally to the European and Middle Eastern...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 2^nd part

  …from the first part! May I ask a more generic question? What professional differences are there, for a person in your position, between working in Turin and working in Detroit? Both Turin and Detroit have a strong, proud automotive heritage. While both have gone through tough times, both continue to maintain a vivid passion for cars. From a professional standpoint, I feel at home in...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 1^st part

Date of the interview: March, 26 2013 Professional Profile: Pietro Gorlier was born in Turin (Italy), he joined the Fiat Group in 1989 as a market analyst in Iveco helding various positions in logistics, in the After Sales and Customer Care, before joining Fiat Group Automobiles in 2006. After the experience in FGA and in CNH Global N.V., he joined Chrysler Group. He is President and CEO of MOPAR®...

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 2^nd part

… the first part! Speaking of electric cars, what is your opinion of the EC 2011 White Paper and of the studies conducted in the US, by Exxon and by Toyota itself, according to which a significant market is only possible after 2020? Don’t you think Renault’s anticipating the times is counterproductive? And if you don’t, why not?

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 1^st part

  Interview Date: January, 21 2013 Professional Profile: Jacques Bousquet is a graduate of the EDHEC Business School in Lille and majored in Business Management at the University of Michigan of Detroit, the Duke University in North Carolina and the INSEAD in Fontainebleau. From 1982 to 1998 he held positions of increasing responsibility in Ford; from 1999 to 2002 in Fiat Auto, and later DaimlerChrysler...

Interview with Paolo Gagliardo, Head of Brand Lancia/Chrysler for EMEA – 2^nd part

  …the first part! GLOBALISATION!  This term should allow you to achieve a product that is in line with the tastes of the “entire world”, with the underlying principle of listening to your customers. Are Lancia and Chrysler getting to grips with this term? Do they listen to the large mass of customers who are trying to convey their expectations? If not, what’s missing...

Interview with Paolo Gagliardo, Head of Brand Lancia/Chrysler for EMEA – 1^st part

  Interview Date: January 4, 2013 Professional Profile: Paolo Gagliardo, after an MBA at Columbia Business School in New York, has built great part of its career in the Automotive industry. He has worked in Ford Motor Company and FIAT in various Marketing, Sales and Product assignments in the UK, US and Italy. He has also worked in the Italian Railroad Company, as Chief Marketing Officer and...

Interview with Adriana Maria Quaglia, FGA and Chrysler Customer Innovation Manager for the EMEA

Interview Date: November 23, 2012 Professional Profile: Adriana Maria Quaglia begans her career at the end of the 1980′s in sales and marketing. From 1989 to 1997 she worked for several communications agencies, developing and managing advertising campaigns, trade marketing, events and external relations for premium Italian and international brands.In the  following decade her career developed...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 2^nd Part

Sergio Solero
   …the first part. Considering the above, the increase of taxation on the car should not be viewed as positive with respect to alternatives taxation on citizens? The automotive industry is an asset for the economy. In terms of turnover, tax contribution, job-creation. We believe that something in terms of taxation can be done to move the sector, although we are in a complex scenario like...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 1^st Part

Sergio Solero I
  Interview Date: July 31, 2012 Professional Profile: Sergio Solero Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna Among its many commitments, in Italy and abroad, we were able to reach Dr. Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW and Mini cars in Italy. The replies received worth the long wait, thanks to the right perception of the spirit of our blog by Dr. Solero. Starting from this premise we wish you a...

Interview with Mr. Roland Schell, MD Mercedes-Benz Cars Italy

  Date of interview: April 24, 2012 Professional Profile: Roland Schell Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna I had the opportunity to interview Roland Schell and I did not let slip the opportunity, trying to bring the discussion on the future of our industry, because speaking about the present would have been disheartening. The Italian market continues to fall, while the world continues to grow....

Mike Robinson: interview with a versatile designer – 3rd Part

Third and final part of the interview with Mike Robinson, Brand Manager and Chief Designer by Bertone. The first part will find it here as this is the second. Recently you also assumed the responsibility of the transportation design department? Do you think this area can improve, change substantially in the near future? What are the your suggestions?

Mike Robinson: interview with a versatile designer – 2nd Part

  Here there is the first part of the interview with Mike Robinson, Brand Manager and Chief Designer in Bertone. You always create futuristic designs and as a source of inspiration you have the historical Bertone masterpieces. How do you think the design world will evolve in the next 10 years?  Will the car remain the same object that we know today?

Mike Robinson: interview with a versatile designer – 1st Part

Date of interview: March 3, 2012 Professional Profile: Mike Robinson Notes: Interview by Artemisa Bega   While thinking about the automotive world in general, and more specifically about the car design world, including communication and the fascinating star system in the industry, I remembered a very special, unique personality that I had the pleasure of interviewing, which produced an unusual...

Interview with Wojciech Halarewicz, CEO of Mazda Italy – 2nd Part

  …the first part of the interview Do you think it is possible to produce vehicles by industries with more agile organizations than those currently existing? Certainly industrial organizations can and must become more agile and this would benefit both the production and the commercial aspects. Mazda found a solution to this need, summarized in a Japanese term: Monotsukuri Innovation, which...

Interview with Wojciech Halarewicz, CEO of Mazda Italy – 1st Part

  Interview Date: Jun, 1st 2012. Professional Profile: Wojciech Halarewicz Remarks: Interview carried by  Emilio Perri We were lucky to cross on the “our way” Wojciech Halarewicz, CEO of Mazda Italy, what better opportunity to ask him about his international experience?  Considering the most recent news we cannot but ask for more information on the Alfa Romeo-Mazda agreement, just...

Interview to Marco Saltalamacchia

 Interview Date: March, 14th 2012. Professional Profile: Marco Saltalamacchia Remarks: Interview carried by  Pietro Montagna   I have asked Mr. Marco SALTALAMACCHIA (former Senior Vice President of BMW Sales & CEO of BMW Italy SpA) some thoughts about the future of our sector. Good Morning Mr. Saltalamacchia, the current crisis of the European Automotive Market triggered a huge brainstorming...

Interview to Daniele Maver, President of Jaguar and Land Rover Italy.

Interview Date: 18th February 2012. Professional Profile: Daniele Maver Remarks: Interview carried by Carlo Simongini The Italian Market keep falling, while the Worlwide one keep growing. Over 2011, the Italian Light Passengers Market (Cars + Light Commercial Vehicles) scored 2.5% in the world (being 3.7% in 2008). Did any changes occur against our Market while being approached by OEM?
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