When the eastern wind…

I have already had occasion to say that the world of the automotive and the recreational marine one are very close. In general, the world of boating retraces the same choices and pathways of the automotive… ten year later. Over the years in the automotive there are been manufacturers’ realities characterized by low cost connotations. To Asian manufacturers -mostly Koreans- who first pointed to...

Only one Billion of our Euro for the electric vehicles of Renault

Un miliardo
  After the post regarding the aid to PSA by Hollande, started with fortuitous coincidence the inspection proceeding by the European Community for a possible rules infringement.  As it was predictable politics prevailed and France demonstrated its concept of Europeanism. Do not think, however, that it is an isolated case. Indeed there is, in my view, a real coordination between the individual...

The overproduction concerns the whole of Europe, or not?

Do you remember the article of Marco Saltalamacchia ”Move the metal, Jack!” after just one month since our launch? Over time it has become a MUST! A way to tackle the situation “taking the bull by the horns“, reaffirmed about a year later in the interview that was issued by the same author of the post. The subject is the automotive production capacity in Europe. Subject often...

In search of the lost platform (as long as cross-segment)

  Watchword: share. It matters little that if we are talking about social networks or platforms. The first is the reality of the moment, the other a necessity for the cars manufacturer, searching for the magical tool that allows to churn out new models in bursts, while maintaining a unique structure, from the city car to the SUV. If the concept of shared platform applies to similar segments,...

Brazil and the Fiat, a 2012 record

  The Brazilian car market ended 2012 as the best year in its history, with a volume of 3,634,510 units sold (cars + LCVs), an increase of 6.1% compared to 2011. Fiat sold 838,219 vehicles, establishing the best result in its history in 36 years of presence in Brazil and once again confirming Market leader with 23.1% share (it is the eleventh in a row!), an increase of 11.1% on 2011; ahead of...

CRM: the “Waterloo” of the dealers

  2012 has been succesfull for carmakers: they all made money selling cars!

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 2^nd part

… the first part! Speaking of electric cars, what is your opinion of the EC 2011 White Paper and of the studies conducted in the US, by Exxon and by Toyota itself, according to which a significant market is only possible after 2020? Don’t you think Renault’s anticipating the times is counterproductive? And if you don’t, why not?

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 1^st part

  Interview Date: January, 21 2013 Professional Profile: Jacques Bousquet is a graduate of the EDHEC Business School in Lille and majored in Business Management at the University of Michigan of Detroit, the Duke University in North Carolina and the INSEAD in Fontainebleau. From 1982 to 1998 he held positions of increasing responsibility in Ford; from 1999 to 2002 in Fiat Auto, and later DaimlerChrysler...

The car dealers are sick. What about those of Trucks?

  The world of HCV and Trucks changes much faster than the one of the automobile! The truck dealers – who are still snubbed as ‘truckers’ with spicy calendars by those who work in the chain of Passenger Vehicles - they are ahead of the “obedient car dealers”. A forced change: the cataclysm feared by the Italian dealers federation is already a reality from some years among...

In Russia Ghosn beats Marchionne 31 to 1. Nasdrovie Tovarish!

  While in Italy manufacturers, importers and dealers are losing dozens of employees and millions of euro every day – and Fiat develops his worst results in the last 30 years – in Russia the Carmakers seems to play war games. The Russian market is a great opportunity for manufacturers and dealers: last year, 2,652,000 cars were sold with a growth of 39.1% over 2010. As reported by Focus...

Global cars sales outlook – March 2012

photo credit: godzillante|photochopper   “2012 started full of uncertain for OEMs in the automotive industry” this was how I started my article last month. At that time reports on January Chinese market performance were not yet available and when they arrived, with an incredible 26% lost year on year, Car OEMs Top Executives become really nervous.

Manufacturer Alliances: Good or bad?

  The recent announcement by PSA and GM of their intended strategic alliance is one of many such alliances between various manufacturers. But when do these alliances start diluting brand equity?

Facts and figures unmask the 3 digit growth of the EVs theorem! Only Audi speaks clearly!

  Jato Dynamics presented the data of the EV’s registrations in Europe. Hooray: compared to 2010, the sales grew by 938%! Nine-hundred-thirty-eight percent!! A successful market, despite the controversies. I feel the bad smell of lies. Over 7 million registrations, 5,222 were electric cars, less than 0.001% of the total market. Last year were 507. In Germany 1,020, France 953, Norway...

Internet car sales: who know nothing, speaks. Who know things, silents…

  We are used to the bombastic communication with which OEM and NSC floods the media when launching new industrial plans, programs, products or processes. Remember Saturn? The Opel Difference? The ‘new deal’ of the electric car? The new sales processes at FGA? Even in these days with ‘blasts of trumpets and drum rolls’, the spokesmen of Renault Italy informs the European...

Automotive, August 2011: STOP spitting out such nonsense!

  Italian Market, August 2011: of the 70.307 total vehicles registered, more than 42% (29.929) have been matriculated during the last… 3 days of the month. From January 1st more than the 35% of the italian total registrations were developed in the last 72 hours of each month!Let us understand this strange phenomenon. Some manufacturers contacted to give an explanation for this strange...

Glamour Volkswagen

photo credit: mcgmatt Whenever a new reader joins this blog it looks like we are total supporter group of Germany but this is not the case. The advertising claim as “Germany technologic supremacy” used some years ago is not our bible. We are only people focused on the reality of facts and following this focus it is not avoidable to notice new ideas, projects and proposals currently coming out...
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