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The LPG and CNG help you, such as the electrics

The plan, which foresees about 3,000 LPG fuel stations and 1,000 CNG ones to the end of 2012, is proceeding at a steady pace toward the goal. Actually Fiat Professional has already monitored 3065 LPG points (+40 closed) and 908 CNG points (+8 closed) regularly active (data September 7, 2012). In spite of this, a subtle and insightful enemy, the electric Lobby, which includes several devices in its...

Downsizing inside the automotive: another hoax that vanishes

More than two years ago I instilled the doubt about the Downsizing “trend”, which was all the rage inside the automotive, and about the Economics of decline. My argument, with all humility towards leaders and excelled speakers’ opinion (who benefit JUST in saying certain declarations and not thanks the truthfulness, NOW ready to change the repertory of their interventions) was very...

If managers fail the (electric) aims, will they pay?

Renault ZOE
This is a (general) question that a lot of people asked especially in the last few years. For instance they wonder it about the old managing of Alitalia but also about Italian railways company. But here we’re talking about automotive so I don’’t want to digress on it! We have dwelt upon electric car, and upon tales told, a lot both on this blog and on Linkedin. The funny aspect is that nobody...

Leaf, the electric car that recharges your office and not only

What? Electric cars don’t exclusively use energy? Obviously yes, but they swap energy as well, improving, for instance, office consumptions: that’s the experimentation by Nissan in Atsugi (Japan) based on the well-known reversibility properties about electric “machines”. Electric motors, which work as power unit as well, allow the energy recovery whereby electric cars – as Leaf-...

Electric Cars, the BMW i3 “case”: when the materials count

Copertina i3
Will be the definitive turning point for the electric cars? Hard to believe. What the BMW i3 brings with vehemence to the forefront of the market is, however, a concept of frame optimization result of specific needs and constraints that the electrical architecture imposes. Some considerations can not pass in the background, especially when you put on the scales important elements. It is the first...

Only one Billion of our Euro for the electric vehicles of Renault

Un miliardo
  After the post regarding the aid to PSA by Hollande, started with fortuitous coincidence the inspection proceeding by the European Community for a possible rules infringement.  As it was predictable politics prevailed and France demonstrated its concept of Europeanism. Do not think, however, that it is an isolated case. Indeed there is, in my view, a real coordination between the individual...

There is newness and newness: but what if we were talking about technology and contents?

tecnica e contenuti
«That’s nice, a new model of car!» Given that the time is far distant from those in which a new four-wheels product aroused emotions, today one wonders what the industry intends for “new product”. The innovation has evolved over the years through really useful devices, from ABS to the Common-Rail, from ESP to robotized gearboxes. In short, real progress in the field of technology that...

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 2^nd part

… the first part! Speaking of electric cars, what is your opinion of the EC 2011 White Paper and of the studies conducted in the US, by Exxon and by Toyota itself, according to which a significant market is only possible after 2020? Don’t you think Renault’s anticipating the times is counterproductive? And if you don’t, why not?

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 1^st part

  Interview Date: January, 21 2013 Professional Profile: Jacques Bousquet is a graduate of the EDHEC Business School in Lille and majored in Business Management at the University of Michigan of Detroit, the Duke University in North Carolina and the INSEAD in Fontainebleau. From 1982 to 1998 he held positions of increasing responsibility in Ford; from 1999 to 2002 in Fiat Auto, and later DaimlerChrysler...

In the footsteps of Marco Polo by car … driverless!

40,000 fatal car accidents occur every year in Europe and 93% of them are due to human errors. This is the evidence that highlights the limits of the “automobile solution” for land transportation. The use of this solution for people transportation implies the death of a percentage of them! It is as if every year a small town would disappear. It is unpleasant to make a so dramatic statement...

Interview with Mr. Roland Schell, MD Mercedes-Benz Cars Italy

  Date of interview: April 24, 2012 Professional Profile: Roland Schell Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna I had the opportunity to interview Roland Schell and I did not let slip the opportunity, trying to bring the discussion on the future of our industry, because speaking about the present would have been disheartening. The Italian market continues to fall, while the world continues to grow....

Household Appliances or… cars?

  Even if we do not know – at home – we ALL have a piece of the vehicle that has won numerous awards during the Rotterdam Shell-Eco Marathon, travelling along 5,000 kilometers with 1kWh of energy (the equivalent of a liter of gasoline). The engine of this 100% Italian vehicle – built by the school “ITIS Rossi” in Vicenza – is the motor of a… washing machine!...

The car according to Google

car according
 The driver? … It’s an optional! How do you create something really new in the automotive field? The answer is: think different! It is what ​​the brilliant creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, made getting to an original and hardly debatable conclusion: the limit of the car we know is connected to the limits of the driver! The driving experience, the psychophysical state...

Interview to Marco Saltalamacchia

 Interview Date: March, 14th 2012. Professional Profile: Marco Saltalamacchia Remarks: Interview carried by  Pietro Montagna   I have asked Mr. Marco SALTALAMACCHIA (former Senior Vice President of BMW Sales & CEO of BMW Italy SpA) some thoughts about the future of our sector. Good Morning Mr. Saltalamacchia, the current crisis of the European Automotive Market triggered a huge brainstorming...

Interview to Daniele Maver, President of Jaguar and Land Rover Italy.

Interview Date: 18th February 2012. Professional Profile: Daniele Maver Remarks: Interview carried by Carlo Simongini The Italian Market keep falling, while the Worlwide one keep growing. Over 2011, the Italian Light Passengers Market (Cars + Light Commercial Vehicles) scored 2.5% in the world (being 3.7% in 2008). Did any changes occur against our Market while being approached by OEM?

Are the solutions for creating less pollution really effective?

During the approval phase for cars, automobile companies are required to comply with the regulations in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) established by directive EU 91/441/EC. This regulation calls for a series of tests that must be uniform and repeatable. To guarantee that they can be repeated, the tests are performed not on roads or a track but on dynamometric rollers in a laboratory at a controlled...

Hybrid Ideas …

  Hybrid Ideas … If automotive experts would stop saying stupid things about more or less electric vehicles, the world would be a better place. There is a whole variegated bunch of stupidities out there. Some are functional to elegant and content deprived ads and commercials. Well, to be honest, in this case we are dealing with plain lies. Others are technologically flavoured, sound highly...

FADA calls NADA for a worldwide car Dealers Association

  FADA – Federation of Indian Dealers Associations – in concomitance with the New Delhi Auto Expo, organized Auto Summit, the convention dedicated to the Indian dealers of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, three wheelers, four wheelers, buses and bicycles. Yes, even bicycles. What’s so funny? I met a dealer who sells in Delhi – with great revenues –...

A new European Brand: QOROS.

  QOROS. Remember this name. This is a new official brand since November the 28th, founded by a joint venture between Chery and Israel Corporation, with active operational participation of Magna (who wanted to buy Opel in 2009). A powerful agreement between the largest Chinese Car provider (for the last 8 years at least) and one of the biggest Israeli Holdings. The news was not emphasized enough...

Bifuel or not? This is the question…Part 1

  In this period of expensive fuel, I suggest again the question of convenience or not to switch to gas. Whether it’s natural gas or LPG, the car is registered as an original bi-fuel or it is transformed , the advantages are many: savings on supplies, reduced emissions and always the ability to drive. What I am going to do is a list of the main concerns, of even greater concern, which can...

Green Car Korea Motor Show 2011

Between the 28th and the 30th of September 2011 the “GREEN CAR GLOBAL VENTURE FORUM” took place in Kimdaejung Convention Center over Gwangju (the sixth biggest metropolitan city in Korea) placed in South of Korea. Automotive Space was sitting there as spectator too!

Facts and figures unmask the 3 digit growth of the EVs theorem! Only Audi speaks clearly!

  Jato Dynamics presented the data of the EV’s registrations in Europe. Hooray: compared to 2010, the sales grew by 938%! Nine-hundred-thirty-eight percent!! A successful market, despite the controversies. I feel the bad smell of lies. Over 7 million registrations, 5,222 were electric cars, less than 0.001% of the total market. Last year were 507. In Germany 1,020, France 953, Norway...

Full of electrons and go!

photo credit: EdoM Photography   What will be the futuristic propulsive solution for private transportation? It is hard to say which one will prevail. The hybrid or pure electric perhaps, well aware of the current benefits and limitations of those innovative systems. Beyond this, however, I believe that innovation must include an alternative to the traditional concept of car overcoming the...

Electrical: one step forward and three back. Long live hypocrisy!

photo credit: AZRainman   It has been talking so much about electric: new awareness of consumers, opportunities to not miss…untill those who (like me) recalls it as “naif stuff” of the century are branded like heretics payed by oil companies…being heartless with our future generations! After the battles between Inter and Milan, Juventus and AS Roma, Naples and Verona...
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