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Outsourcing in the automotive: does the abuse hurt?

I’’ve already largely expressed my opinion about the growing precariousness management in the automotive field, which finds its highest expressions in the outsourcing. It was a year ago…. We were convinced that some strategic position couldn’t be the subject of outsourcing and that others, even these strategic ones, during the start-up and re-engineering, could be optimized through the outsourcing. Then,...

The LPG and CNG help you, such as the electrics

The plan, which foresees about 3,000 LPG fuel stations and 1,000 CNG ones to the end of 2012, is proceeding at a steady pace toward the goal. Actually Fiat Professional has already monitored 3065 LPG points (+40 closed) and 908 CNG points (+8 closed) regularly active (data September 7, 2012). In spite of this, a subtle and insightful enemy, the electric Lobby, which includes several devices in its...

Moment of truth: the delivery

NEW copertina ENG consegna
In one of the most “rusty” sectors of the economy, since a long time carmakers are trying to convince their partners that the sale of a vehicle does not ends with the signature of the contract, but rather – from that moment – begins a long journey made of many steps that should be likeable for customers and profitable for dealers. A study delivered by JD Power – the Company...

Interview with Stefano Villanti, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Qoros

Interview date: Feb 21,  2014 Professional Profile: Stefano Villanti is the Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd.. He joined the organisation in 2008 and was a key staff member during the initial start-up phase. As Qoros has grown so has Stefano’s responsibility and he now leads over 260 internal and external Qoros staff. Prior to joining...

Mclaren says goodbye to wipers?

From the Fantozzi’s Bianchina car to the world rally, the wiper blades are one of the few components common to every car. Thinking to do without them? Madness! The more daring are the rally drivers, capable of striving with lucky systems if necessary: two laces and little else to operate them manually when the electronics abandon them. Perhaps the future holds a more refined technology to be able...

The last illiteracy: internet in automotive!

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In China – despite the censorship that slows or blocks access to the Web (Facebook and YouTube do not exist) - the dealers that I visited during the CADA convention collect more than 50% of their prospects through the Web! It’s possible to make money with cars and Internet? YES! Facts-and-figures show that this business is suitable for all, even if – in the automotive –...

The customers will enjoy every comfort, but the Dealers?

The Chevrolet has officially announced the abandonment of the European market at the end of 2015. The decision, which was declared at the beginning by the American headquarter, has been confirmed as irrevocable by the same top management GME. The Chevrolet won’t officially take part anymore both in the Western and in the Eastern Europe because of the high competitive business model and the severe...

Autopromotec 2013

Has just ended. The biennial event has registered respectable numbers at the height of the crisis. As well as two years ago, the feedback is undoubtedly positive, at least are not visible the long faces and the gloomy atmosphere as in other shows/fairs /conventions dedicated to the automotive industry. Here are the official numbers numbers: 1,512 companies and 102,536 visitors, including 18,942...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 2^nd part

  …from the first part! May I ask a more generic question? What professional differences are there, for a person in your position, between working in Turin and working in Detroit? Both Turin and Detroit have a strong, proud automotive heritage. While both have gone through tough times, both continue to maintain a vivid passion for cars. From a professional standpoint, I feel at home in...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 1^st part

Date of the interview: March, 26 2013 Professional Profile: Pietro Gorlier was born in Turin (Italy), he joined the Fiat Group in 1989 as a market analyst in Iveco helding various positions in logistics, in the After Sales and Customer Care, before joining Fiat Group Automobiles in 2006. After the experience in FGA and in CNH Global N.V., he joined Chrysler Group. He is President and CEO of MOPAR®...

CRM: the “Waterloo” of the dealers

  2012 has been succesfull for carmakers: they all made money selling cars!

Interview with Paolo Gagliardo, Head of Brand Lancia/Chrysler for EMEA – 2^nd part

  …the first part! GLOBALISATION!  This term should allow you to achieve a product that is in line with the tastes of the “entire world”, with the underlying principle of listening to your customers. Are Lancia and Chrysler getting to grips with this term? Do they listen to the large mass of customers who are trying to convey their expectations? If not, what’s missing...

Mercedes-Benz and the ‘OM651 case’

Some carmakers invest millions in order to measure and increase Customer Satisfaction. Today the manufacturers must be able to measure themselves “1-2-1″ with their Customers, with transparency: thanks to the web any single Client could become a powerful promoter or a devastating detractor. This is one of the reasons why carmakers should be ready to confront themselves with the Social...

Interview with Adriana Maria Quaglia, FGA and Chrysler Customer Innovation Manager for the EMEA

Interview Date: November 23, 2012 Professional Profile: Adriana Maria Quaglia begans her career at the end of the 1980′s in sales and marketing. From 1989 to 1997 she worked for several communications agencies, developing and managing advertising campaigns, trade marketing, events and external relations for premium Italian and international brands.In the  following decade her career developed...

Where shall we go?

I belong to a relatively new generation, too much committed to principles and values typical of the previous generation and I consider myself quite prone to decode the behavior of the next generation.

The car dealers are sick. What about those of Trucks?

  The world of HCV and Trucks changes much faster than the one of the automobile! The truck dealers – who are still snubbed as ‘truckers’ with spicy calendars by those who work in the chain of Passenger Vehicles - they are ahead of the “obedient car dealers”. A forced change: the cataclysm feared by the Italian dealers federation is already a reality from some years among...

Failures and lotto draw…

Electronics has started being used predominantly in the automotive field and its major development has been realized in this sector in the last couple of years. At the beginning of the automotive history the major improvements were obtained by a hard work on the propellers by increasing the compression ratio together with the fuels but the greatest development took place when the ECU and its microprocessors...

Mercedes target change

MB target
  The new Mercedes B class television ad, in my opinion, signals a significant communication strategy change that already started with the ads for the E class. Mercedes sales results in Italy are definitely the worst among the three large German manufacturers.

Carmakers’ sperimentations whilst thousands of dealers are drowning!

New scenarios for Italian dealers: the debarkation of Penske Automotive Group in Italy put in motion many brains and overheated … some phones. Carmakers and associations estimate that 1.000 dealers will go out of the business in Italy in 2012 . How to save these companies from the wreck? Federauto – the italian dealers association – has clear ideas: “it is necessary to ask...

Freelance Consultant?…NO THANKS. Leg-Work, PLEASE…!

  In today’s business industries, more and more people are becoming freelancers. Freelancers are most common in fields such as journalism, copywriting, computer programming, graphic design, and other professions in creative sciences such as…Automotive Industry! However, Experts in nearly any field are freelancing these days. During a downturn in the Economy, Companies are apt to hire freelancers...

When scale economy compromises quality

Using the same parts for different models of cars, and for different brands in the case of auto groups, is definitely an intelligent solution for cost containment and the allocation of fixed costs on a larger number of vehicles, besides the reduction of merchandise in stock by adopting a just in time production system.

Memorable Experience

  Today we live in an era in which we are bombarded with a wealth of information. Today more than ever it is important to sell not only automobiles but also experiences. Automobile companies invest millions of euros in advertising, spokespersons and events. It has almost become a habit for many brands to be open on Sunday, dictated by the company, which is costly for the dealer. On the other...

Are the solutions for creating less pollution really effective?

During the approval phase for cars, automobile companies are required to comply with the regulations in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) established by directive EU 91/441/EC. This regulation calls for a series of tests that must be uniform and repeatable. To guarantee that they can be repeated, the tests are performed not on roads or a track but on dynamometric rollers in a laboratory at a controlled...

Hybrid Ideas …

  Hybrid Ideas … If automotive experts would stop saying stupid things about more or less electric vehicles, the world would be a better place. There is a whole variegated bunch of stupidities out there. Some are functional to elegant and content deprived ads and commercials. Well, to be honest, in this case we are dealing with plain lies. Others are technologically flavoured, sound highly...

“Inflated” spare parts prices an anomaly only in Italy?

  Very often, auto parts wholesalers buy from the manufacturers (even from notable brands) at discounts that in some cases, due to bonuses and incentives, reach 70/80%. In the supply chain there are two other steps, the parts dealer and the mechanic, before reaching the final customer. The three steps are required since the vast majority of service centers are small establishments that cannot...

The Economics of Deadly Cars

  You would think that in our modern society where as consumers we have some of the best legal protection and recourse in history, that OEM’s would think twice about either launching (or continuing a product) with known defects that could lead to serious injury or even death. OEM’s spend vast fortunes on developing vehicles to comply with various safety testing requirements such as Euro NCAP...

Bifuel or not? This is the question…Part 2

    Here follows the analysis of LPG-CNG  started in the past weeks with questions and answers: Life of LPG-CNG injectors around 30000 miles As mentioned is always advisable to switch to LPG with gasoline especially if you make long-distance routes, for short routes this problem does not exist.

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

  The way the OEM’s operate their franchises leaves a lot to debate about. Having worked for both OEM’s and retail outlets, I have formed some strong opinions about how the OEM’s are conducting themselves of late. The relationship between the two used to be relatively simple: the manufacture designed and built cars and the retailer sold and serviced them. The control that the OEM had over...
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